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I think that prompts influence what I read and I know that I delve into some obscure topics that other bloggers would not touch, but I enjoy learning new things.  Since I am a research writer and I write about off the wall topics, my reading takes me to many different places.  Dr. Tanya is asking all of us today, “Does what you read influence or inspire what you write?”, and I think for me it is the other way around, as my writing is influenced by my reading, but like I said, I am different.  I enjoy breaking down complex information and explaining it in a manner that normal people can relate to and no topic is off limits to me.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya.

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  1. Your off the wall topics are very informative and why not write about those ‘taboo’ subjects? It’s not like someone who finds that kind of thing distasteful can’t stop reading a particular piece after all. It amazes me a bit that so many seem to think berating someone for writing something the first person doesn’t like, entitles that first person to blast the writer. Simply go somewhere else and read something else is my motto. You do a great job!

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