Lesbians In the Rain

The redhead Alice said, “I am so sorry that I left my umbrella home as I did hear the forecast was predicting rain for tonight and I really hope that I am not being too much of an inconvenience to you, but sometimes I can be so forgetful.”  Sheila replied, “Don’t be silly.  This rain is providing us with a good opportunity to share my umbrella, giving each of us shelter and allowing us more intimate companionship.  In Japan it is considered to be very romantic when two people are sharing an umbrella, because it puts them on equal footing with each other, signaling that they are supposed to be together.  I am so glad that we met on Tinder and that you are cool with me bringing my room mate Diane along on our first date.  I showed Diane your photo and she expressed her interest in having a threesome, if you would be OK with that.  Diane and I are not in a relationship, but we do fool around with each other, however we both feel secure, so there is no jealously and we love to share every detail of our hookups with each other.”

Alice said, “You are so sophisticated Sheila, but I told you that I have never been with a woman before, although my desire has always been there.  I think that Diane is really cute and maybe if I watched you two in action with each other, it would make it easier for me to participate.  I have so much to learn, as I am not even sure what types of stuff we would be doing.  I guess we are talking about oral, strap-on penetration, or is it anything and everything where nothing is off limits and just so you know, I am in a very adventurous mood tonight.  I have never thought about a lesbian threesome before and I have no idea what anyone is expected to do.  I guess there are options where one person would focus on the other two people, or those two people would focus on one individual, or while two people are together, one person is watching.”

Sheila said, “Alice you are very analytical and I like that about you, bot you left out one option and that would be where everyone is fucking everyone and we see what works for us that way.  Some things are better if they are not planned and there is always the possibility that two people will pair off and the third one will be left out of the action, but they would be free to play with themselves, until they are able to reengage with the group.  If you end up being the person that is momentarily left out, remember that you were invited to the party, so you should look for a way to jump back in.  The best way to enjoy a threesome is to get naked and try to initiate sex with the others, don’t just stand by and wait for someone to touch you.  Let everyone know what you are comfortable doing and if you need a rest, it is OK to watch.”

Diane spoke, “Human sexuality comes in all the colors of the rainbow.  Just because we are all women, that doesn’t mean that we all have the same anatomy.  We are all different when it comes to what we enjoy and everyone has various things that they like and dislike and the only way that you will ever know what feels good for you, is to try something.  You said that you have never been with a woman before, but you desire to try it and I wonder if you are turned on by other women and you enjoy checking out girls.  It is perfectly normal to be attracted to members of your own sex, even though most of society frowns on this behavior.  This is a big decision that you are making and all I ask is for you to be open with us, especially your legs, sorry I just couldn’t resist cracking a lesbian joke.”  Alice said, “Your joke was very funny, and it made me all wet, or maybe that was Sheila hogging the umbrella.”

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #123.

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