Comment Peeve

The comments that are made on my posts are fine, I am talking about the comments that I leave on other posts.  This is the best part of blogging, but only 85% of my comments work properly.  It seems like 5% of the people do not incorporate a like button and this is very useful for me, as I only get alerts when somebody likes one of my comments, but also since I am not an emoji type of guy, I would just hit the like button to let them know that I have read their comment.  The next 5% falls into this category where I will get an alert and then I will go back to the post that liked my comment, but they do not have a like button there, but my alert said that they liked my comment.  I have already said what I wanted to say on my initial comment, but I would enjoy hitting the like button on their comment just to let them know that I did read what they said, but since it does not exist of this blog, there is nothing I van do except read what they wrote.  The last 5% of my complaints about comments is on the blogs that make you do a lot of work in order to leave a comment.  They require your name to be entered in a box, your email and your website and yesterday this one blog even took this a step further by forcing me to enter a special code to prove that I am not a robot and all of this crap that they put you through takes the fun out of making comments,

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

15 thoughts on “Comment Peeve

  1. Agreed. I use likes the same way. Also, I won’t “work” to leave a comment, nor will I work to link back to my post. That is why I ignore the stupid Mr. Linky and that frog and all the other crap. I just won’t do it. If I want to use the prompt, I’ll link back to the prompt-post itself, and if that’s not good enough? Pffft!

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    1. Mr. Linky and that blue frog are so annoying and I don’t see the purpose in them. I host the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Music Challenge every other Friday and supposedly the Mr. Linky allows people to see their posts more quickly instead of waiting for them to get approved, but when I am the host I keep the comments section open and there is really no need for this.

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  2. I think the difficulties encountered by all of us are down to WordPress, not to individual bloggers. There is no consistency in the way that WP process comments and likes on differently set up sites. I keep two sessions open all the time, one on Safari and one on Google Chrome in order to try to overcome any issues that arise. Often I can comment on comments only by using the reader as when I go to the actual site there is no means of adding anything. Very frustrating!

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  3. When my son set my Blog up for me in 2016, we had no idea what we were doing. I just took the free opportunity to write and never spent any effort trying to understand the mechanics of Blogging or tinkering with my set up. It took me a year before I discovered my About page. Only in the last year did I learn what a gravatar was, how to post my picture, and that I had a Reader. I was accessing a few Blogs manually after they made contact with me. I have some non Blogger friends who don’t follow me because I cannot tell them how to do that. I have not worried if someone does not like or comment on my Blog. I still read and follow Blogs I enjoy regardless of reciprocity. People with thousands of followers cannot be expected to spend time on my Blog. I would not blame anyone for not working to access my site if any roadblocks exist because I myself bail at the least bit of resistance. But I underestimated the annoyance it can be for people generous enough to want to reciprocate. It makes me nervous that I might be projecting arrogance or indifference. I do not think I am lazy but I do lack interest in learning the mechanics (which I absolutely hate) when I barely have time to write and read, activities I love. At my age (73), I am consciously spending my time in ways that are probably considered selfish. I am still digesting many posts that have addressed these issues. I may even get my son back over here and have him analyze if I am part of any problem that he can easily fix for me. But right now he is more worried that we have not replaced our dead oven and are using plug-in pans and burners. And that when kitchen cupboard doors come loose at the hinges, we just take them down and leave some of the cupboards open. He seems to think I should replace the fence that fell down! But I think I should do just a few more posts first….

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    1. Geoff you went a bit off topic here, but I understand that when you get in a grove you just go with it. Your blog is special to me because of your sincere honesty and I love reading it, as for your kitchen, I think your son is right, that you should get some of those issues fixed.

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