Wanting To Know

  1. What is meant by a break in the weather?
    It is like breaking wind, but wetter.

2.   Why does thunder clap?
To alert you that you just contracted a venereal disease.

3.   What is a heat wave?
This is what fans do when they stand up and sit down while attending a ballgame on a hot summer day.

4.   What are hot pants?

5.   Who or what is canned heat?

6.   Who sang ‘The heat is on’?
A dog in heat.

7.   Where will you find hot air?
Most of the House and half of the Senate.

8.   Who starred in the film Heat?
Martha and the Vandellas

9.   Who or what is Hot Gossip?
Talk is cheap, but this conversation takes place when she puts on a see-through nightgown over her lacy black underwear.

10. What is a hot toddy?
That is a code word for having sex with someone who is more than twice your age.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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