A Small Town

The café began to feel like her only real home.  That feeling of emptiness reared its ugly head and it contributed to her sense of loneliness, confusion and boredom and now it has taken a firm hold on every aspect of her life.  She felt a thumping in in her chest, yet she was unsure how to rid herself of this sadness.  Her hormone levels were constantly shifting, and those chemical messages were impacting the way the way that her brain was functioning.  She took this waitressing job to allow her time to give some thought to her dreams, passions and desires, but she knew that it would never give her the fulfillment and joy that she so desperately needed.  She left her husband and she wanted to start a new life and she wasn’t going back to that therapist anymore.  She took the cat with her, but it was not very good at conversation and she hoped that she could meet someone new at the café.  There wasn’t much going on in this town, but she liked it quiet and she was finally free and she felt that her husband would never find her here.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday hosted by Dylan.

5 thoughts on “A Small Town

  1. Let’s hope her husband doesn’t find her! Small towns can be inclusive or exclusive. Same goes for cafes. Perhaps she did find a place for herself, for now. Good thing she took the cat . . . or . . .

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