What Happened to TV?

  1. What TV show was the first “reality” TV show?
    The Dick Van Dyke show.
  1. What is the premise of Top Chef?
    This show starts out with hog calling and then they grease up all the pigs and the top chef is the one who catches the biggest pig.
  1. Why is it called X Factor?
    That is because X Files was already taken.
  1. What kind of act or acts won’t you see on America’s (or Britain’s) Got Talent?
    Anyone that you would pay money to see.
  1. What show spawned the phrase, “You’ve been voted off the island”?
    Gilligan’s Island.
  1. What is the premise of Project Runway?
    Airport baggage handlers chase after planes to see if they can put one more bag on before the flight takes off.
  1. What show put a bunch of washed-up B list actors in a house together?
    Animal House.
  1. What was the first reality show to feature the an aging rock star and his family?
    Danny Bonaduce wrestles the Partridge family.
  1. What reality TV show was created in response to the popularity of Desperate Housewives?
    Frantic Felines.
  1. What was the show American Chopperabout?
    This show is about chopping onions and everyone tunes in to watch the tears flow.

Written for Frank’s Fibbing Friday.

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