Free From the Void

I’m not languishing, I’m dormant, but very soon since I have gotten both of my Covid injections, I plan to get on with my life again.  All of the masking and social distancing was miserable and I had to neglect doing many things that I love.  Now that I have wakened from my sleep caused by the pandemic, my life has taken on new meaning for me and I plan to flourish.  I have been cautiously biding my time, nurturing new ideas, and waiting for the good times to roll again.  I look back at the lockdowns as a method that recharged my batteries, so now it is time for the winter of my discontent to be over.  I had been conserving my energy, but I’m no longer lying in wait.  If something interesting comes along, I’ll pounce on it, like the cat that I am.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #185 – sentence prompt I’m not languishing, I’m dormant.

15 thoughts on “Free From the Void

  1. Infection rate is rising over here in the UK again but mainly from non-vaccinated and single vaccinated people. There are still daily death rates but that figure is now, more often than not, in single figures.
    I’m more active but still on the cautious side.

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  2. I feel similar to you jim, anxiety is making me so nervous of doing anything, but I’m determined to beat it, and get back to doing so called normal every day things again!

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