When I make an appointment, I put it in my calendar on my email account.  I also scotch tape the appointment reminder card that my doctor gives me to the side of my monitor for quick access, and this reminds me when I need to go.  I don’t miss appointments even if I am not feeling well like yesterday, I keep them, because I want to get them over with.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I was just there yesterday, so I didn’t need the phone call reminder, or the email reminder that they sent me today.  I understand that these reminders are well intentioned, but it is getting to be overkill and I have had enough of these reminders.  Maybe when I reach a state of senility, I will appreciate them, but robots are running the world today and they have nothing better to do than annoy people with all of these unnecessary reminders.

This is becoming ludicrous and when I call my doctor their robot message always says, “Listen carefully, as our menu has just changed”, and it takes forever for me to figure out which button I need to press.  I feel like they are questioning my honesty, as I made the appointment in good faith and this bombardment of reminders makes it sound like I am going to show up for it as any respectable person would do when they make an appointment.  If some unknown reason pops up that is out of my control, I would cancel it in a reasonable amount of time so that it does not upset their schedule.  I have never worked in a doctor’s office, but it makes me wonder if there is an epidemic of people out there that just don’t show up for their appointments.  Does everything need to be confirmed and why doesn’t technology work for the people instead of against us?

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

12 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. Good peeve topic Jim! I suspect that it’s the ‘nuts behind the wheel’ in those automated reminder phone calls and/or texts and emails. I got about six or seven over the weekend from my pharmacy. I’d picked up my prescriptions already too. O_o Somebody isn’t doing a proper job is my thought. It sounds like you have your appointment times and reminders well in hand.

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  2. I understand ONE reminder the day before an appointment or to tell you an Rx is ready, but this bombardment is ridiculous. If they’re so obsessed with their time, why do I always have to wait past my appointment time when I get there? Too bad there’s not a way to annoy the doc with pings saying HEY I AM HERE ON TIME SO WHERE ARE YOU???

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    1. I agree with you on this Paula, but I don’t want to annoy my doctor even thought they often keep me waiting. I had my phone on vibrate the other day after I call my dentist to let her know that I was in the parking lot waiting for my appointment and they called me back 4 times in 4 minutes, which I didn’t hear because I was listening to music. I only ask to be treated with respect.

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  3. I know my doctor’s surgery is always busy but I just couldn’t get through at all on the phone to the receptionist last Thursday. I tried on six occasions throughout the day only to get the ‘line is in use’ tone each time.

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  4. I agree, its overkill the amount of reminders for things these days! I always put my appointments into my calendar on my I phone. The phone sends me a reminder, so I dont need any others! ❤

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