Not in the Clique

The other kittens don’t want to accept me.  They spend all of their time together and they will not welcome me into the group.  I realize that there is some type of pecking order here which I have not figured out yet and I have no idea which one of my new housemates is going to become my friends or my competitors.  I am usually cautious of anything that is new and I will try to stay a healthy distance away from anyone with whom I have not had a positive experience with yet, but the other day when I arrived, they all hissed at me.  Maybe they think that I am going to eat up all of their treats, or they won’t like me using their litter box, or they are just jealous because I am so damn cute.

I am trying to have patience but the rest of these cats need to learn how to accept change.  There is no way of telling how things are going to work out between all of us, but I am willing to give this place another week before I am out of here.  I don’t mind being a stray, as there are plenty of lizards around here for me to eat.  I don’t care either way on whether or not they let me into their clique, as these cats have serious social problems and it is not my job to fix them.  I don’t want to be the target of their aggression anymore and I would be perfectly willing to stay here if you could just control the more belligerent cats, as this place looks like it could make a nice home.  I am OK with sharing this space with the other cats, but all of this hissing and growling needs to end.  We need to find some type of balance, especially while I am trying my best to acclimate to this new environment.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Clique and for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #85.

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