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I watch CNN, what Trump calls “fake news”, but there are a lot of good places to get news from like NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and PBS and the only one that I know to be dishonest is FOX News and they are a train wreck of shameless opinions.  This station is for people with views on the extreme right and it appeals to many Republicans.  They don’t really offer news; they hand pick what they want to report.  I know this because my sister watches FOX News every night and she told me yesterday that she has never heard of QAnon.  Fox is a dangerous right-wing propaganda outlet disguised as a cable news network that was specifically designed to disinform its viewers and distort any semblance of truth.

CNN calls Trump out on his lies and as his lies pile up, he still insists that he is the most honest man in America and if anyone says anything against him, he calls it fake news.  Trump’s false or misleading claims totaled 30,573 over the 4 years that he was in office, which equates to about 21 per day, and more than one for every hour that he was awake, although I am certain that he could also tell lies while he is asleep.  Every politician lies, but Trump is the worst of the worst and because he is so unhinged, we will all be paying for the consequences of his lies, until he is put behind bars.  Nobody is shouting “lock him up”, but he has done so much damage to this country, that it seems like it will never be normal here again.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #120 which is, “Where do you get most of your news from? Do you consider your primary news source (or sources) to be objective purveyors of truths and facts?”

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  1. Fox News is not a news channel, but an entertainment channel. That is the truth, they really are an entertainment network that just happens to carry a News theme. That’s how they file their taxes, and that’s how they defend themselves when someone tries to sue them for defamation and outright lying during their shows. Look up Akre v New World Communications, that’s exactly what they said about themselves.

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    1. Bridget you are very well informed. The Fox News Channel reached a private settlement with the parents of the slain Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, whose unsolved murder became the basis for their right-wing conspiracy theories.

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  2. When I read or watch which is rare…I watch foreign…I just want uncle Walter reading the facts off a paper…From a news source I don’t want to hear how dumb Biden is or how stupid Trump is… Just the facts and not opinions but in America that is impossible…I want the impossible in other words.

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      1. The choices are small… for fun I watch old news from the 70s and 80s…completely different…just reading the facts…that would not fly today.

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  3. Most days I watch the BBC 1 news at 6 (while having my ‘tea) 🙂
    It was good to hear that there were NO deaths recorded at all from Covid-19 yesterday for the first time in 16 months. We still have to remain cautious though (try telling that to everybody!).

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    1. I think that we are still averaging about 500 deaths per day here, but that is no longer leading the world. Being cautious sounds like a good plan.


  4. And I watch local news, Newsy and BBC America. MSNBC has a clear ideological bias. PBS isn’t really much of a raw news source.

    The mainstream networks do too much editorializing. It does not matter if I agree or disagree, I don’t need to be told what I should think. Fox is an egregious example of how editorial position also impacts how ordinary news is reported but CNN and ABC, et al, do it to a lesser extent. Everything is tailored for audience approval and that is how you get ratings.

    Newsy is mostly news. I like the variety and openness to all segments of the political spectrum. And at least the Beeb is aware there’s an entire world out there, something the main US networks have forgotten.

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  5. I fully agree about Fox “news” *snicker*. I have an elderly friend here who swears by them. She was spouting some nonsense and said “It HAS to be true because I heard it on Fox News!!” I dropped the phone, I was laughing so hard. She didn’t think it was funny at all, but I sure did. Now I just stop her if she starts going off about hard ‘facts’ on either Fox or Facebook, her two sources for keeping informed. It’s frightening on one hand.

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    1. It is really crazy what some people believe to be true. I stopped going on Facebook because I didn’t see any purpose to it, but I did enjoy seeing the pictures that my niece would post of her children.

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      1. I was on Facebook for much the same reasons, Jim. It was how I connected with my immediate family. I had a large group of ‘friends’ over there too, from different sites we’d met on which had either disappeared or gone out of business. It was weird to find people from all facets of my life on FB. In 2016 though the rot began to set in. I became disenchanted by the sheer juvenile attitude of Facebook, the insults, the taunts, the bullying. And then one of my nieces (or nephews) said “Who uses Facebook anymore? I’m on SnapChat now (or one of those sites I don’t care to explore). I have stopped using FB entirely now. I won’t ‘be back’ there! 😉

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