Believing That You’re in Love with Me

I don’t have any exceptional skill for judging other people, but I imagine that some people are better at judging others.  I don’t think that first impressions are always accurate, as you might meet somebody that is having a really bad day and as a result, decide that they are not somebody that you like.  First impressions are formed very quickly and if you notice one thing that you don’t like, you form an opinion that this person is unattractive to you.  If you do like what you see in this person, then they have become more interesting to you, so this shows that good looks help, but real beauty is not skin deep, it is what is on the inside of a person that really counts and this cannot be determined on a first impression.

I look at a person’s face first, their completion, their hairstyle and any other accessories that they use to get themselves noticed.  Face piercings turn my stomach and make me wonder why somebody would want to mutilate themselves in this manner.  I could deal with a tiny nose jewelry and earrings are fine, but not those big ones that stretch out a person’s earlobes, like what are they thinking.  The next thing that I look at is their clothing, but it is not the style that influences me, it is whether they are clean and if they don’t look like rags.  It is possible that I could notice a person’s nonverbal communication like their posture, body language, facial expressions, eye contact and tone of voice and these could leave an impression on me.  If a person looks happy, I would take that as a sign that they are fun to be around?  I am dedicating this post to B.J. Thomas who just died of lung cancer and I have the perfect song as a first impression is a feeling, so I will leave you with this song.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser where today she asks, “In your opinion, is the first impression we form of people, always correct?”

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  1. As usual, very detailed and insightful answer Jim. Appearance and behavior both influence our judgment process. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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