The Rat’s Ass

I like to understand things, so I search stuff to try and figure out meanings.  In ancient Greece people were asked to sacrifice rat’s ass to the gods.  If someone didn’t have a rat’s ass to sacrifice, they were accused of not caring about the gods.  So, when someone says that they don’t give a rat’s ass, that means that they don’t care.  No, that story is bullshit as the phrase came about because of the way that it seems to roll off the tongue.  In the same manner, people say that they don’t give a flying fuck because of its alliterative appeal.  When you tell somebody that you don’t give two shits about them, you are leaving them with hope that you could possibly have one shit left for them.  If you do give two shits about someone that would mean that you care a little about them, but because nobody likes shit and it just confuses people.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Search.

14 thoughts on “The Rat’s Ass

  1. Interesting stuff, Jim. I wondered where the rat’s ass saying came from. You almost had me believing the Greek god story. LOL! Don’t forget the cat’s ass, too. That means someone is amazeballs.

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  2. Never heard that song before; certainly worth a listen (or more than one). Your writing was quite a compliment with it.

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