I was surprised to see that there were 732 messages in my spam folder this morning, as that is very unusual.  On a heavy spam day, I usually only get about 10, but many days I have zero.  I want to thank WordPress for putting all of these messages in my spam folder, as they do a very good job of weeding out unwanted messages.  It seems that if the message comes without a Gravatar and has links embedded in it, the message is sent to spam for me to figure out what to do with it.  It is tedious having to delete 732 messages, but none of them had a Gravatar and they all had links that would take anyone who clicked on them someplace.  A lot of them seemed to be from a group of about 15 different people, but I was too busy deleting all of them to pay that much attention to all the products that they were trying to advertise.  Some were for bit coins, others were trying to publicize hot Asian women and many others were selling Viagra and Cialis below market price.  I deleted all of them, but I just figured this would make a good peeve.  I imagine it is those damn Russians again.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

22 thoughts on “Mega-Spammed

      1. the way I do it is through dashboard – settings
        Go to discussion, then scroll down to Disallowed comment keys
        I copy either the IP address or site ,
        then scroll down to the bottom and ‘save changes’
        You can only do one at a time, but it works for me.
        Good luck


      2. The spam is coming from a group of people who all see, to be associated with Fleeta email addresses and dalafil websites.
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  1. I woke up to more than 1,200 such spam messages, all about tadalafil and all from these five “sites”:





    I added them to my blocked list and that ended that. Now they go right to my trash folder.

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    1. Yes having them go directly to trash is very helpful, but the problem is that these spammers get new email addresses and new websites and that makes it feel like I am in a loosing battle.

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  2. I don’t why they bother to spam because most of the time they are caught…but I guess it just takes one to pay off.

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