A Day Without Learning is a Wasted Day

I learn new things all the time, mostly because I am a research writer and I look stuff up, so I can form an opinion.  I enjoy learning and maybe that makes me an oddball, but I am a very well-informed oddball.  I think that learning new things keeps my brain active and that has to be a good thing, it should prevent me from getting any dementia or Alzheimer symptoms.  I know that I have had some trouble remembering some stuff at times, which is probably normal for an old fart like me, but I know what day it is, just by the prompts that I participate in here on WordPress.

Today is Monday, so Paula’s Monday peeve is something that I will read and perhaps participate in and Fandango puts out a picture prompt on Monday’s called Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge, which is usually very interesting.  Dr. Tanya’s Blogging Insights is a Monday challenge as well as Melanie’s Share Your World.  MM has Wordle and Sadje has What do you see, all of which makes Monday a very busy day.  I could go through every day of the week compiling a list of challenges and then make another list of the daily challenges, so there is always plenty to write about here on WordPress and plenty to read also and I am very happy that I ended up here.

I write every day, although WordPress has never given me one of those streak notifications like so many other bloggers get, and this will be my 3,228th post since I started blogging here.  I learned something new from a good friend of mine today Di at pensitivity who gave me instructions on how to block spammers and her help was much appreciated.  I had a difficult time in the beginning when I first started blogging here on WordPress, until I met a blogger named Sight (sadly he is no longer here), but he gave me real good suggestions on how my site should be set up, which I will always be grateful for.  Nobody can know everything and even when Einstein wrote his theories on Relativity, he needed help with the Tensor mathematics, so he could present his theory to the rest of the Scientific community.

I used to think that my brain was only capable of holding so much information and that in order to learn something new, I would have to purge old information out, to make room for new stuff.  I was wrong, as new neural pathways will open up when ever you decide to use them.  The average adult human brain has the ability to store the equivalent of 2.5 million gigabytes digital memory and the hard drive on my computer will only store 2 terabytes of information.  Every time that I learn anything, I gain a new perspective about the world around me.

Written for Blogging Insights by Dr. Tanya where this week she is concerned with “What are you learning (or are you still learning) from your blogging experience?”

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    1. I wrote 5 posts today and the two that I have not gotten to yet are FFFC and WDYS, but I have been doing my laundry today and with all the spam it has been a very busy day.

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