Where Is the K?

I am not talking about the DJ Murray the K, or the cereal Special K, or the date rape drugs Ketamine, or Rohypnol which is also called a roofie, as to me unless I am going to write about some giant mythical bird, I want to rock.  I love this Stream of Consciousness writing and I also look forward to reading what others write, as there is no telling what J Dubsy is going to say in any of her posts.  I wish I would have gone to the School of Rock, because I really do love music and because of the music challenges that I am hosting, my taste is becoming more versatile, so old dogs can learn new tricks.  I have a really challenging prompt for tomorrow’s Song Lyric Sunday, as I am asking people to pick two songs and compare them, or contrast them, or just plain analyze them, by finding some common point, between the two songs.

This is something that we have never done before on SLS and I am hoping that it turns out good, but you never know, just like this prompt that Linda chose, it could go anywhere.  It would be great if somebody would pick a Jimi Hendrix song and compare it with a Eric Clapton song, but this doesn’t have to be about rock and somebody could choose a Janet Jackson song and compare that to a Selena song.  One of my regulars is a big Tay Tay fan and so you don’t have to look that up, it means she likes Taylor Swift.  Another regular is a big fan of Imogen Heap and I am getting to know these performers from the post that these people contribute.  If anyone is confused about the SLS prompt, please contact me and I will be glad to help you, but for now, since “roc” looks incomplete to me, I just want to give it some Ka-Ching!

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week the prompt is to find a word with “roc” in it, or use it as a word all by itself.

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  1. Ha, so funny how you managed to talk about cereal, drugs and so many other things with K in them. I hope the SLS challenge will be fun tomorrow.

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