Broken Party

“A perfectly brewed cup of tea can’t fix everything”, said Mitt Romney to Liz Cheney, “but we have to start somewhere.”  Liz replied, “Yes the tea is lovely, but our party is filled with cowards who are afraid of the big bully.  We need to take him down, but our wishy-washy colleges keep flipping back and forth on what they want to do.  We are losing support to our Democratic opponents, because many people know that the orange dude with all of his lies is a threat to democracy and the long-term health of the Republican Party.  We need to find a way to punish those who are enabling him with their cultish devotion to this awful man.  America has had enough of Donald Trump, and many voters hold him responsible for the January 6 insurrection, believing this should be investigated, so it doesn’t happen again.  It is our party that seems to be in another universe, as the rank-and-file members never supported impeachment, they don’t want Trump punished, and they still prefer him over any other potential candidate for president in 2024.”

Mitt said, “We are in a quandary because of this crazy glue that makes people want to stick with Trump, even though his support has reached an all-time low now.  Let’s face it, he was a lousy President, but because he was a fighter that never backed down, everyone climbed aboard the Trump train.  He is a childish man that took dignity away from the Oval Office, but he still has a support base and if he decides to break away and start his own party, that will probably tear us apart.  He is like a bad drug that we know is not good for us, but we just don’t know how to make him disappear.  It is people like Mitch McConnell who speak out against him one day and the next they turn around and start supporting him again, that are making it so difficult for us to fix anything.  Would you like to have another cup of tea Liz?”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday hosted by Dylan.

3 thoughts on “Broken Party

    1. Thanks for commenting Susan, as I was getting worried about this post, because it has been such a long time since I posted something and didn’t get one comment. I guess people are just sick of politics now, but if we don’t keep our eyes on the Republicans, then they will change all the laws on us along with the truth and history of what took place, then all of democracy will be destroyed.

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