Truth Doesn’t Matter

  1. What exactly is a “rhetorical question?”
    It is obliviously not going to be simple.
  1. What is meant by a “hair’s breadth”?
    Something ubiquitously accepted to stand for the margin between success and failure.
  1. How long is a “New York minute”?
    It is 45 seconds faster than a Hollywood minute, which goes by much slower because they have to plan for scenes to be retaken many times and in between you have to redo your hair and makeup so they are perfect, you speak to your agent, you talk to gossip columnists about your plan to be on the red carpet and you practice giving your acceptance speech where you will mention all the people that you love.
  1. What does it mean to “fly by the seat of your pants”?
    I think this question should have been why was there a fly on Mike Pence’ head.
  1. What does “by the skin of your teeth” mean?
    This is how Trump escaped justice.
  1. What are “the dog days of summer”?
    These are the days when all the fire hydrants are opened.
  1. What does it mean to “go ’round Robin Hood’s barn“?
  1. What does it mean when a project “gets the green light”?
    Dance like nobody is watching.
  1. What does it mean to “eighty-six” something?
    That is when you don’t make it to the bathroom in time.
  1. What or where exactly is “file thirteen”?
    This is also called the Trump combover, which is not a good look.

Written for Frank’s Fibbing Friday.

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