Throw Down Your Hair

Gilliame of the Green Woods approached the tower where Lady Marable was locked away and he shouted, “Thrown down your hair Marable, I am here to save you.”  Lady Marable looked out the window of the tower and she said, “That didn’t work so well the last time, as when you tried to climb up my hair you were shot with an arrow and I had a throbbing headache for a whole week after, and besides, my father made me cut my hair, so you will need a ladder to reach me.  There is another problem Gilliame, as my father has me wearing a chastity belt and it is extremely uncomfortable.  It is a very inconvenient device, and my father just wants to ensure my virginity, so I will have to lead a chaste life, till he can find a suitor for me.”

Gilliame shouted up at Lady Marable, “Your father can’t stop the cycle of life and he can’t keep all the evils of the world from harming you.  I am not afraid of your father and I am wearing a suit of armor today, so no arrows will deter me.  I can get a ladder and I know a blacksmith who can remove your chastity belt.  Your father is a big jerk for thinking that he can enforce fidelity on you, as I feel that you should be able to date or have sex with anyone, even while you are in a committed romantic relationship.  Monogamy is only a temporary state, until you see that the grass may be greener on the other side.  Most marriages don’t last because sexual satisfaction declines if you stay with the same partner, so you have to flirt and find somebody new, to get that excitement back.  I think that we should be faithful to each other, but an occasional extra-marital affair has never hurt anyone.”

Lady Marable said, “I don’t think that my father would ever approve of you, but I hate the bastard for locking me in this tower and making me wear this damn contraption, so go get the ladder and alert the blacksmith that we will be coming, as I can’t stand wearing this another minute.”

Written for KL Caley’s Thursday photo prompt – Tower.

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