First Impression

I think that most people will look at my belly and wonder how anything could get that big.  My belly is big, but the rest of my body is normal size.  Upon first glance, I don’t have the most attractive physique and I guess people would call me pudgy or chubby.  The simple answer of how my belly got so big is that I don’t exercise and I mostly eat whatever I want.  I have never been a guy with a deeply set of chiseled six-pack abs, so nobody will ever get a first opinion of me being a universal sign of good physical fitness and health.  I am OK with that, as I am not looking for a woman who spends three hours a day working out in a gym and I would much rather date a girl who would share a pizza pie with me, than one I would have to wait 2 hours for her to get ready for a date.  I don’t think that many women are attracted to my dad bod and I will turn down that second Krispy Kreme, not because of the size of my belly, but because of my diabetes.

I am sure that my bald head and my grey hair are also one of the first things that people will notice about me and it has been a long time since I got my last haircut, so I probably come off as being a bit scraggly.  Researchers say that a man with more belly fat, will have more of the female sex hormone estradiol, which helps to inhibit orgasm and thus allows them to last longer in bed.  I read that men with softer bodies make better cuddlers.  Most young girls are more interested in a certain body type, but there is no guarantee that it will stay that way as a man gets older.  All that a woman should be looking for in a man, is somebody who is considerate, responsive, and responsible and you can’t get that from a first impression.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #117 which is, “What impression do you think you give when you first meet someone?”

20 thoughts on “First Impression

  1. Interesting what you think of yourself there, Jim. You’re right you know. A good woman isn’t looking at all that external stuff, she’s looking at who you are inside all that outer stuff. When I used to date and cared about hooking up with someone, I was far more impressed if the man were kind and considerate than if he had a six-pack or a full lush head of hair. Hubby was chubby when I met him, and damned fat (my fault in part) when he died. I always liked a bit of meat on the bones. But it’s the personality that tells. A nice guy who is little and skinny would be just as appealing.

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  2. My late husband had the belly too. In high school he had run track and done hurdles and up until he died his legs were always toned and muscular. I think his belly was more from beer and wine than food. Who knows?!?! Anyhow, my only response, I guess you could call it, to myself or anyone that isn’t in perfect shape is that it’s okay to be okay with it, but to say you are “proud to be overweight” or “proud to be fat”, I think that is a blatant lie.

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      1. hahaha, great response…I feel like I heard you say that in just a serious-enough tone to make it “matter of fact”. Not sure why I am chuckling…maybe Bob used to say that too!

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  3. I definitely agree with that last sentence! I am quite chubby to say the last and never was thin, but I hope my husband chose me because of my personality. Of course, when I was still nearly 20lbs heavier than I am now, it helped that my husband said I didn’t need to lose weight to be attractive but he’d recommend it for my health.

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