That Is How It Starts

I got a Fraud Alert phone call yesterday about suspicious activity on my card and they said the transaction was for Twenty Cents, which seems like no big deal.  The company told me they considered this to be a phishing tactic, where the scammer hits numerous accounts for small amounts, just to see if any of the account numbers that they used are active.  If they get their Twenty Cents. Then the next time they hit that account it would be for a lot more.  This tactic is used, because it has become too difficult to prosecute anyone for just Twenty Cents.  They cancelled my card, at my request and they told me that I could go to the bank and pick up a new one.  Since I have some bills deducted every month automatically off that card, I have to alert these service providers (Cell phone, Netflix, ect.), so I don’t lose my service.

I probably should call each one of them before when my email got hacked earlier this year, as I need to give them my new email, in case they need to get in touch with me.  There are too many hackers and scammers out there, because people just want to sit by their computers, instead of getting an honest job.  I spend all of my time at the computer every day, but at least I am not trying to cheat anyone.  It is scary out there with the Dark Side Ransomware cyber attack on the East Coast pipeline, which they suspect was perpetuated by Russian hackers and now all of us are going to have to pay more money for gas because of this.

Now going back to a rant that I had last week and I guess that is OK, well the one about the serial post liker that liked 71 of my posts in 3 minutes, well they haven’t been back.  However, that question about the comment liker Operation X when I said that were probably harmless, as he struck me again last night.  He doesn’t appear to like any of my posts, but he sure does like my comments, which seems extremely odd.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

7 thoughts on “That Is How It Starts

  1. I am so fed up with scammers and hackers and think more resources need to be put toward stopping them and imposing harsh penalties on any who are caught as a deterrent. We’ve wasted so much money on the stupid “war on drugs” when it’s these aholes on their puters who are truly disrupting our lives. Grrrr!

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  2. I have wondered about that. Why exactly would it be difficult to prosecute someone who makes a tiny charge on a stolen credit card number? Nobody cares about the twenty cents but the REAL crime is the intent to defraud to the greatest extent possible you if the charge isn’t caught and the PITA one has to endure to cancel the old car and get a new one. I guess the police don’t care about that.

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