Sometimes Mistakes Happen

We would all like to make life a more beautiful place, but the chances are when you are trying to create something, it probably won’t go perfectly in the beginning, but sometimes when mistakes are made, the result can be something beautiful and unique.  In fact, many of man’s most well-known inventions were simply mistakes made by scientists that were on an alternative quest.

In the late ‘60s I was living in the Soviet Socialist Republic, when I had a breakthrough that I believed would have world-wide ramifications far beyond my wildest dreams.  As the Cold War lurched toward its third decade, tense treaty talks between the United States and the Soviet Union alternated with demonstrations of world-smashing weapons.  American students hid under their desks, during duck and cover drills, while others were building fallout shelters.  I was an LSD test subject exploring the boundaries between the physical and astral planes.  I was locked up in a padded cell, wearing loose fitting clothing, and told to lie down and relax, when they turned the lights down low and the KGB gave me doses of Owsley Stanley’s acid.  The psychedelics interrupted my neural pathways, helping the Soviet’s paranormal research program, who were fascinated with the disturbing results.  They bombarded me with a high frequency electrical field that created a bluish-green “aura” that surrounded my body, in order to reveal a hidden layer of reality.

The KGB assured me that this would help me develop telepathy that I could use to connect with unseen forces.  I was in Saint Petersburg and another subject was stationed in Leningrad and we were supposed to read each other’s thoughts while we both wore these bioplasmic electrodes attached to our brains.  I could see Svetlana in Leningrad almost like I was hovering above her and I could read her thoughts.  Her brain called out to me saying, “Yuri don’t cooperate with these bastards and when they think that this experiment is a failure, they will be forced to shut it down.”   I knew she was right that if the communist scientists ever unlocked the key to projecting and controlling our spirits, nobody could predict the darkness that could descend on the world.  I stopped cooperating and the experiments ended, but I have always maintained a special connection with Svetlana and we ended up getting married.  This experiment became a beautiful mistake.

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt which is hosted by Sara from relaxitsallwrite which today is a Beautiful Mistake.

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