In My Room

I am looking left and there is not much to see, but that all depends on your perspective of what is real and what is meant to be.  I had this thought that since the vaccinations are slowing down and we all want to get back to a normal life again, that the government could issue $200 vaccination stimulus checks to everyone who has gotten a vaccine, or will get one by August.  I think this would do the trick so we could reach heard immunity.  Some people don’t need another $200, but most people would like to get this.  Some people will not get vaccinated, no matter what and these are the anti-vaxxers who probably believe in some type of conspiracy theory, or they just don’t care about spreading the coronavirus around.

We have made a lot of progress combating this pandemic, but we still have a long way to go, as we have the vaccines, but we need to get those shots into the arms of the citizens.  This could be the incentive that allows all of us to survive and sure some people will fight against including Mitch McConnell who has pledged to block Biden on every issue, but I don’t have anything more than the idea and somebody else would have to create a plan.  Wouldn’t it be great if life went back to some type of normalcy?  I think it would only be fair to include all the people who have already been vaccinated in this stimulus, which would mean that I would get a check, but I am not saying this to be greedy.  I hear them saying on TV, how people should be telling others that they were vaccinated and this would encourage the reluctant ones, who just can’t make up their minds to get vaccinated.  There is no stronger encouragement in a Capitalist society than money, so if we show them the money like Jerry Maguire said, we can put an end to this.  Actually, that would probably make a pretty good name for the legislation, the Jerry Maguire Covid-19 Stimulus package.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week the prompt is to look to your left and write about the closest thing to you.

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  1. It’s an interesting idea. My daughter tested positive with mild symptoms in February and doesn’t plan to get a vaccine. A 200 dollar check might motivate her. That sure is an old Beach Boys recording. “In My Room” was such a dreamy song. The screaming girls were funny at first, then this old lady wanted them to shut up.

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  2. I have been amazed through this pandemic at the lack of some people’s willingness to cooperate, be resilient, embrace science and practice compassion. Crazy and frustrating. I keep hoping and praying for vaccine compliance and herd immunity, but it’s a battle still to be won.

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  3. One of my favorite songs as a teenager (even though it was several years old at that point). I identified strongly with it. I know a few people here (elderly folks too) who refuse to get vaccinated. They’ve bought into one of the idiotic rumors floating around that tell them the vaccine will ‘kill’ them, will cause physical defects (like growing horns or a tail), and other stuff so ridiculous no one with half a brain cell would credit it. I guess some old folks are just gullible. I’ve broken off contact with anyone stupid enough to refuse the shot though. I’m theoretically ‘safe’ having been vaccinated, but the contagion of idiotic thinking is real enough.

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      1. I doubt it, although a couple of them are poor enough. There’s a hard core of distrust in one of them, distrust of medical practices in general. He’s a bit looney in my opinion. He wouldn’t go for the money, but his wife, more practical, might.

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  4. It seems that the Conservatives are more popular than ever over here in the UK. They have gained several more seats in the general election today (and still counting).
    The very successful vaccination campaign has boosted those results in my opinion.

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    1. I lean toward the Liberal end of the political spectrum. but I don’t have a problem with Conservatives. as long as they are not completely wacked out.


  5. It’s hard being in the middle… I have nothing against Conservatives or Liberals as long as they are not extremist. It seems like they are the most vocal on both sides and really kill it for me…. from the conservative conspiracy people and the liberal “woke”

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      1. Yea me either…it makes the whole side look bad and same with the other conspiracy mess. I wish moderate people from each side would speak up against that.

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  6. Great song by the beach boys. Hubby’s had both of his injections, Astrozenica, I have my second on Friday, two of our three sons have had their first ones too. I can’t understand those who will not have the Vaccine they are just selfish!

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