Kop & Curva Spam

This morning from 5:41 AM to 5:43 AM Kop & Curva liked 71 of my posts which is an average of 24 posts a minute and I seriously doubt that anyone can read that fast.  Does anyone have any idea why people do this blast spamming?  I don’t like this, as it wastes my time and if you don’t bother to read my posts, then please don’t like them!

24 thoughts on “Kop & Curva Spam

    1. They must have a very fast Browser, as I doubt I could even look at 24 posts every minute and I have high speed fiber optic service. Then they have to scroll down to the bottom of the posts and click the like button, it is just crazy. They should get some bubble wrap and start popping that, as this blogger is clearly stressed out.

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    1. You are so nice Sadje and thanks for your genuine concern. I have seen it happen where somebody likes a dozen of my posts in a row, but 71 in 3 minutes was ridiculous. It is insulting to me and I only wrote this post to try and shame them for doing this.

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      1. I know many of us have had these serial likers on their sites. I don’t know why they do it and what’s the aim they want to achieve. Maybe you’ll shame them. 👍

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    1. If I am looking at a post and I only skim it because it is not all that interesting to me, I will only like it if I feel the blogger actually put effort into writing it. I guess we are all guilty of this to some extent, but when somebody likes post after post that I write, I find it annoying.


    1. So THAT’s where that ‘blogger’ (feh…it’s a bot) came from! I wondered and I still get likes from them a lot. I just delete them now and the next time I see them on WP? I’m black-listing them.

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  1. In my opinion, those are ‘bots and spam. I’ve gotten one or two, and they end up blocked by me. I get them a lot less than others though, probably because my blog is set to a ‘search engines restricted’ setting, and they don’t/can’t find me easily. I’m sorry you’re being bugged that way!

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    1. No, but their objective (as far as I can see anyway) is to generate ‘hits’ to their site and I suppose they get revenue from doing that. It is a huge waste of time and energy in my opinion too. But. I also suspect that some individuals truly have nothing else to do and are ‘bored’. What a waste!

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