Ladies First

Does anyone else besides me think that the phrase “ladies first” may have been invented so guys could stare at their butts?  I am a bit old fashioned and I always open up doors for women and although I hate seeing them leave, I love watching them walk away.  Is it okay to look at a woman’s butt?  Men and woman are always checking each other out all the time and some women like the attention and they realize that men are visually driven creatures.  I may be a pervert, but if a woman is going to show off her body, I am going to look.  Most of my better days are behind me now, but I am not dead yet and I don’t want to feel guilty about looking.  When women chose the outfit that they are going to wear, they might be sending out a message that can be interpreted as, “Check me out”, “I know that I have nice cleavage”, or “doesn’t my ass look fabulous in these yogi pants?”

This is the greatest thing about Spring is as when the weather gets warmer, it is much better for looking at women and admiring their attractive bodies, but this has to be done in a way where it does not make the woman feel like she is being reduced to an object, which would make the staring creepy.  I think it is OK to look for a second or two, as long as your gaze doesn’t linger too long, and you don’t make the woman feel unsafe.  I know that I am supposed to look at a girls’ eyes, but if she is facing me and she is bending over, I have looked down women’s tops before, and when they are facing away from me, I think it is natural to take a look at their derriere.

If girls didn’t like people looking at their butts, then they wouldn’t be twerking, although I did read that some teens just do this to piss off their parents.  I doubt that anyone twerks for the workout, although the deep squat done along with a pelvic tilt could be a beneficial exercise.  Twerking seems simple, but it involves a very specific way of wiggling, twisting, undulating your hips and ass that requires a lot of different muscles to work together in a specific order, so it will seem simple and effortless.  It is so much more than just shaking that ass, as you have to let gravity take hold when you are twerking, so that you get that recoil and your rump bounces like a ball, which is why this dance is so mesmerizing.  People have a tendency to simplify twerking into being something that is purely sexual, which gives men an open invitation to check out your ass, as it puts a woman in the prime mating position, a stance that is great for making babies.  If your booty doesn’t shake, you are not doing it right, however I also read that too much twerking can be hazardous to your health.  Twerking may seem like a new craze, but it started in the forest primeval, so a bird could look attractive for its mate by shaking its tailfeathers and doing what nature gave it.

Written for May Monthly prompts – Twerking teens and baggy jeans.

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