Not A Sure Bet

Twenty horses will line up in the starting gate for the Kentucky Derby today and the overall favorite is the number 14 horse Essential Quality, who is going off at 2:1 odds.  He won his last five races and he is certainly the one to beat.  There are some other contenders, but most of the horses running today are long shots, but hey that is where you can pick up some money, as the greater the odds, the better the payoff, but of course you have to win to get paid.  The number 15 horse Rock Your World has odds of 5-1, and the number 1 horse Known Agenda has odds of 6-1, number 9 Hot Rod Charlie is going off at 8-1 and for number 17 Highly Motivated the odds are set at 10-1.  A Sure Bet would allow you to benefit from the differences found between odds set by the bookmakers, but the only sure bet is not to make a bet.

Written FOWC with Fandango – Sure.

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  1. your last statement says it, ‘the only sure bet is not to place one’… don’t bet it if you can’t afford to lose it. I usually pick up a $2 state lotto ticket for their twice weekly draws, sometimes buy a $2 or $3 scratch and win ticket too. Have won up to maybe $450 on a ticket, but of course, lose more often than not. What blows me away is when I’m standing behind someone who are either feeding $50 bills into the machine or else have a stack of tickets three inches thick that want the clerk to check them all… I guess that’s also the difference between a couple of beers at night and a couple of 40 ouncers of Jack Daniels a night.
    My family seemed to always watch those Triple Crown horse races… pretty exciting I guess, and a marvel how they make such an Event out of a two minute run!

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