Going To Mars

Knock knee is a condition in which a person’s knees would bend inward and touch, thus they are said to “knock” and a person with this condition would have a large gap between their feet when they’re standing with their knees together.  Some people are afraid of being put in the spotlight and having to speak in public and if they are required to do this, their knees may start knocking along with their face becoming flush and their palms getting all sweaty.  When I was young, I was bow legged, which means that my legs curved outward at the knees while my feet and ankles were touching and everyone thought that I just got off of a horse after a long ride.

Tall buildings became known as skyscrapers because they look like they scrape the sky.  Before 1883, a skyscraper was a nautical term used to describe triangular shaped sails on ships, but apparently these tall sails were also called moon rakers.  When it comes to the moon, we have really only scratched the surface and so far, only 12 men have walked on the moon and no one has stayed there longer than 3 days.  I heard that it may be harder to buy gasoline this summer, because they don’t have enough drivers for the tanker trucks, but going back to the moon is necessary, if we want to get to the Red planet.  The moon is a boring place and we have sent water hunting robots up there roving around exploring the surface.  Our moon has vast quantities of water at the poles that can be turned into rocket fuel by splitting the water into oxygen and hydrogen and condensing it and this will help us get to Mars, however we may just end up with just a bunch of Moon scraped knuckles and knocking knees.

Written for May Monthly prompts – Moon scraped knuckles and knocking knees.

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