18 thoughts on “Nothing Should Be This Difficult

    1. I have so many complaints about it. I wanted to be able to look at my Calendar and my Email on it, but it says that I have to set up the Alexa App on my phone or my desktop to be able to do that which I did for both. The problem is that this Alexa App does not give me access to the Calendar and my Email settings. I am so sick of chatting in their Help, as most of them have no clue what they are doing and none have been able to help me. I did give this one tech permission to look in my computer and I watched him as he was snooping around in my Email and he starts deleting stuff and tells me that I need to clean up my email talking to me like this is the first computer that I ever owned. I am going to stop complaining now, but if this unit has the ability to do things that I want, then they should make it easier for me to control it.

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  1. I’m far too paranoid to allow any kind of Alexa thingie even a toe in my house. My technology is too old for the most part too and I’m not complaining. If that tech linked into your computer without your consent, he should be reprimanded by his boss and you ought to report him for doing that. You’ve cited at least one reason I’ll never Alexa my life. It sounds too dangerous frankly and smacks of Big Brother and 1984 to me.. Good luck with it all the same. If you spent the kind of money I suspect that thing cost, you ought to get good use out of it. On YOUR terms.

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  2. I like mine BUT…I don’t check email on mine…I just use it as an alarm clock and a fun gadget to listen to some songs. I haven’t attempted the email thing…and probably won’t after reading this.

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    1. I am getting by without the email on it, but if it has the ability to do it, then I should be able to set that up, but they sure don’t make it easy. Is yours an Echo Show 10?

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