The River Nymph

We all wear masks at certain times, whether it is a paper bag placed over your head, or a cowl to shield our identities and protect our private lives from being destroyed by the world.  Most people can’t stop a runaway train or disarm a bomb, they just have to play the cards that they are dealt and be themselves.  Kate Kane is Bruce Wayne’s cousin being a niece of his mother Martha Wayne, and she suffered a blow to her head which left her with a wound that needed stitches.  This wound was repaired with gold thread that was made from the golden apple that Paris gifted to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality.  There are no stories about Aphrodite having had any female lovers, but basically all of the Greek gods were gay or bi-sexual and Aphrodite kept this part of her life secret, as what was good for the goose, didn’t work so well for the gander, because female homosexuality was frowned upon.  Aphrodite saw something special in Kate Kane, so she decided to help her.

This gold thread had some surprising side effects, and once the injury healed, Kate found that her perception became more sensitive to the world around her, resulting in her gaining a sixth sense.  She was able to sense electromagnetic fields.  Kate was trained as a special forces assassin in the military, but she was discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, when she openly bragged about her strap-on experiences and how passionate her lover was.  After that she spent some time drinking and traveling, trying to avoid her own life due to her unhappiness before she finally returned to Gotham City.

Kate perceived her role as being a skilled vigilante and she totally wanted to be kicking some ass as a gay superhero crusader.  Kate wanted to save the world by utilizing her superhuman willpower to thwart evil, because her sister Beth disappeared and she felt that this was her fault.  Kate got a lead on her sister’s whereabouts from the river nymph that sewed up her wound and the nymph also told her that Dr. August Cartwright had desecrated her mother’s corpse, and was keeping her severed head as a memento.  Kate knew that she had to kill August when the nymph told her that August and his son were out fishing when they came upon Beth Kane, who washed up on shore after a car accident that killed her mother and they were holding Beth as a prisoner in their basement.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Nekneeraj’s Photo Challenge #362 that uses a photo by Kamil Rybarski.

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