Research Methods

I take my writing seriously and that is why I use observations to plan my posts.  I acquire information and try to perceive what the data is telling me, and dependent on that, I decide what and how I will write.  I try to ensure that my writing is factual, accurate, sufficiently detailed and interesting enough to hold my reader’s attention.  I sort of understand Benford’s Law, which analyzes the frequency of the first digit in a set of numbers, but I have never gotten that detailed in my analysis and I don’t see how it would be able to help me.  If I get too technical by going off the deep end, I know that all of my readers will disappear, even if what I am writing about is interesting to me.  This is why I try to hold my focus on the issue on hand.

It is easy for me to lose focus while I am writing, as my research can pull me in many different directions.  Most of the time I suffer a momentary lapse, before I get back on track, but sometimes it feels like I have completely lost my way.  I find that distractions can actually help me come back to reality, like when one of my cats comes along and wants to rub her scent on me and I end up petting them and after a few minutes, my concentration usually returns.  Sometimes I pick out something to write about and I am not able to find anything about it and if I still want to stay with this topic, then I have to apply an unusual type of thinking.  I don’t mind being unusual and when I drive down this path, I find that it becomes more rewarding to me, as since I was not able to find anything, that means that I am not just regurgitating old information that many others have used before.

Written FOWC with Fandango – Focus.

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