Just Plain Great

I’m late, I don’t want to debate
I guess I should capitulate
Sometimes I just can’t relate
All we seem to do is hate
I will give it to you straight
Record this while I dictate
If I could only get a date
With that cutie named Kate
I heard she is dating Nate
That guy from Kuwait
I should probably cut some weight
And not eat all the food on my plate
My ideas are innate and they make me irate
I can’t conjugate, concentrate, or translate
All I do is conflate, collate and dilate
I am in such a state, it does not equate
Put me in a crate and lock the gate
Get me on the interstate and ship me as freight
I will await my fate to become great
If I get a clean slate, then I can skate

Written FOWC with Fandango – Capitulate.

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