I Like Bread

‘Bread And Butter’ by The Newbeats was released in 1964 on their Bread & Butter / Big Beat Sounds album and the single reached to #2 in the U.S, and went to #15 in the UK charts.  It was kept from reaching the #1 spot by both, ‘The House of the Rising Sun’ by The Animals and ‘Oh, Pretty Woman’ by Roy Orbison.  It was written by Larry Parks and Jay Turnbow, and it became the group’s first and most popular hit.  It features the lead falsetto singing of Larry Henley and a memorable two-chord piano riff.  The group used this as a demo for Hickory Records, and then recorded it for the label.  The Newbeats formed in Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1964 and the trio consisted of Larry Henley, and brothers Dean Mathis, and Mark Mathis.  The Mathis brothers previously performed as the duo Dean & Mark, notching a minor hit in 1959 with the single ‘Tell Him No’.

The Newbeats had three other Top 40 charting singles in the Billboard Hot 100 which includes, ‘Everything’s Alright’ (#16, 1964), ‘Break Away (From That Boy)’ (#40, 1965) and ‘Run Baby Run (Back Into My Arms’ (#12, 1965).  They also had some success with ‘Don’t Turn Me Loose’ and ‘Crying My Heart Out Over You’.  The Newbeats appeared on the TV music variety shows Shindig! (1964), American Bandstand (1964) and Where the Action Is (1965) at the height of their mid-‘60s heyday and they toured in a package show with the Stones, Roy Orbison and Ray Columbus and the Invaders, and they dissolved in 1974.

Jay Turnbow was in a band called the Ivy Jives, and Larry Parks was a drummer who toured with Roy Orbison.  The pair wrote some songs together and submitted them to the music publishing company Acuff-Rose.  The pair also co-wrote (along with Bob Finnicum), a few other Newbeats songs, including ‘(The Bees Are For The Birds) The Birds Are For The Bees’ and ‘Hey-O-Daddy-O’. Larry Henley was a co-songwriter of ‘The Wind Beneath My Wing’, which was recorded by Bette Midler for the soundtrack to the film Beaches.  Larry also wrote ‘Till I Get It Right’, which was a top country hit for Tammy Wynette, and he penned songs for Kenny Rogers, and inked up ‘Lizzie and the Rainman’ which Tanya Tucker had a hit with and was later covered by the Hollies.

The phrase “bread and butter” comes from an old folk superstition.  It is typically said by young couples or friends walking together usually used in fun, when they are forced to separate by an obstacle, such as a pole or another person.  By saying the phrase, the bad luck of letting something come between them is thought to be averted.  It’s variously used as a kind of “knock on wood” charm to ward off bad luck between two people.  Bread and butter may refer to the source that one depends on for their income or livelihood, the item or process that provides one’s sustenance and lifestyle.  Bread and butter is sometimes used to mean something ordinary, something that would be an everyday occurrence.

I like bread and butter,
I like toast and jam,
That’s what my baby feeds me,
I’m her loving man.

He likes bread and butter,
He likes toast and jam,
That’s what his baby feeds him,
He’s her loving man.

She don’t cook mashed potatoes,
She don’t cook T-bone steaks,
Don’t feed me peanut butter,
She knows that I can’t take.

He likes bread and butter,
He likes toast and jam,
That’s what his baby feeds him,
He’s her loving man.

Got home early one morning,
Much to my surprise,
She was eating chicken and dumplings
With some other guy.

No more bread and butter,
No more toast and jam,
I found my baby eating
With some other man.

Written for MM Music Challenge #180 Make It With You.

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