Every Vulva Is Unique

Some women don’t have to spread the outer lips Labia majora on their vulva with their fingers to see their inner lips Labia minora, and that is perfectly normal.  These lips are sometimes called the vaginal lips and there is no standard measurement for the size of the labia minora as they often come in many different sizes.  The inner labia can be the same length or longer than the outer labia and they may even dangle down an inch or two and as long as you are not experiencing any pain, don’t worry as all of this is normal, although many women get a complex about this.

Men have private parts that hang out and women are lucky as most people don’t intensely inspect or scrutinize their lady bits all that much and everyone loves a vertical smile.  Your labia minora are the thinner, inside lips which start below the clitoris and they are either visible or not depending on the way your vulva looks and on any variations that you have.  Vaginal lips are often described as being asymmetrical, curved, prominent, puffy, small, thin, closed, open or visible.  Visible lips have been described as looking like a flower bud that is ready to bloom.  Next week we will discuss the hymen and make sure you stay tuned for when we uncover the g-spot.

Written FOWC with Fandango – Lips.

12 thoughts on “Every Vulva Is Unique

  1. Uh, okay then. Very delicate subject matter Jim, very delicate. I’ll stay tuned for the ‘G-spot” post, as to my knowledge only about .5% of the male population can find that damned thing. Women, on the other hand, seem to find it without trouble 100% of the time. The more you know…. 😉

    There was a TV show (on HBO) called “Sex In The City.” True to the name of the series, it was about sex in New York City for a group of four women. Their personal styles ranged from possibly nymphomaniac to semi-prudish, but teachable. One episode devoted itself to your subject matter today. As a fact, women cannot see their lips (the ‘other’ lips) as easily as a man can see his penis. So the adventurous woman in the group came up with a way to check your lips (the ‘other’ ones). One apparently takes an adjustable mirror on a stand and squats over it. Voila! Everything is revealed in the mirror. I’ve NEVER done that. I’ll NEVER do that. I have no idea what those lips look like, nor the whole department down there, save I know I don’t have droopy lips.

    Frankly the thought kind of disgusted me if you were curious. But your blog, your choice. I do hope you give the male genitalia ‘set’ an equal opportunity for exploration though. Particularly the gonads. Now those things? Some of us could write a volume… 😉

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