Mentally Competent

Fandango asks, “Do you believe that terminally ill people should be allowed or encouraged to end their lives via physician-assisted suicide?  If so, under any circumstances or should there be restrictions?  If not, why not?”

I don’t have a problem if somebody wants to end their life if they are suffering.  I don’t understand why other people feel it is their duty to keep everyone alive and they enact laws against people killing themselves and those who would assist them in finding peace.  I know that it is wrong when teenagers get confused and they want to end their lives by suicide, but this is not somebody that is terminally ill, they just have emotional problem, which most likely can be fixed with therapy.  The only person that should have any type of decision in this matter, is the person that is enduring the excruciating agony.

This should be encouraged, but if the person is determined to be mentally competent, and this is their desire, I think it would be wrong to force them to have to endure a life that is filled with pain.  There has to be more out of life, than being stuck on a ventilator and being fed through a tube and once all the joy of living is gone, I don’t see any purpose of sticking around, especially since there is no hope of them ever being cured and they are eventually going to die anyway.  People should have the right to die in my opinion and they should be entitled to end their life or undergo voluntary euthanasia, but only if this person has a terminal illness, is undergoing incurable pain, has lost their will to continue living.  I think it is nobody’s business if somebody who is mentally competent desires to end their own life, use assisted suicide, or to decline life-prolonging treatment.  After a certain amount of time has expired, it should be time to pull the plug.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #11 revisited.

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  1. The thing is (and I agree with YOU, I’m not quibbling. Much.) that ‘they’ (those making the laws and decisions about others’ quality of life) tend to think that anyone who wishes to die must be mentally incompetent. Throw common sense right out the window. The compassionate thing (in my opinion) is to allow anyone who has a terminal illness and is facing perhaps years of pain and suffering, indignities like wearing a colostomy bag or being unable to control their bowels or bladder, and who is going to cost their families millions of dollars they probably will never be able to pay back, anyone like that ought to have the choice to pull the plug on their lives at their own discretion. It’s kind, considerate, and compassionate.

    BUT. The way the laws seem to be set up now, some idiot who has chronic severe depression and suicidal thoughts will sue because they’re not allowed the same treatment as the terminally ill person. ANY idiot who sues over such distinctions or for any frivolous reason for that matter, ought to be punished severely because they’ve f*cked up the system.

    They’ve made things so difficult that the lawmakers aren’t going to try making the distinction between a terminally ill person and a mentally ill one. It’s come down to entitlement and everybody having to have the exact same ‘rights’.

    I fall into the last category and I think about suicide every single day. I’d NEVER sue because I wasn’t allowed to have compassionate euthanasia though. I do think that privilege ought to be reserved for the terminally ill. The terminally ill can PROVE they are dying, after all, they’ll have the necessary doctors’ statements and testimonies to the fact. The mentally ill person who is chronically depressed but whose body and cognition are ‘healthy’ enough, ought to leave the assisted suicide issue alone. They won’t though. And as I said I’m part of the mentally ill crowd. I know it’s sheer hell to live and know that one will live for years and never feel great about much at all. I suppose it might come down to a very basic philosophy about what the individual believes is right. It’s so complicated. I’m sorry for writing an essay on your comment section too.

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    1. Yes it was a very long response, but also very interesting and I have no clue about any mental problems and I am sorry that you are suffering. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know.


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