The Skerry

The small rocky island was too small for human habitation, it contained no trees and it didn’t even have any small plants.  Susan said to Cheryl, “We are both in a non-exclusive relationship with the same man and if this is ever going to work out, we must try to get along with each other.  If we both want to remain committed to him, we need to learn how to deal with each other.  I am his wife and he is the father of my children, but I want him to be happy and if that means that I have to share him with you, well I will do whatever I need to keep him.  I guess we are like Eskimo sisters, but I have no desire to join in any group sessions with you two.”

Cheryl said, “I wish that Ted would have picked a better place to drop us off, but I know that we must talk and I guess we have plenty of privacy out here.  I know that Ted loves you Susan and he tells me that all the time, but now I am also carrying his child and I am going to remain part of his life.  We just need to set up some boundaries, so we don’t get on each other’s nerves.  Ted said that next week I will be moving into his house and maybe you call it your house also, but I will be calling it my house, as it will become my home.  The story that he will be telling everyone is that I am the live-in maid, but get this straight, I have no intention of being a maid.  I will keep my bedroom clean and I will also do some chores around the house, but I won’t be taken advantage of.  We can decide who will cook and which one of us will do whatever, and I will be eating dinner with Ted every evening, so you can join us or not.  As far as those group sessions that you mentioned, that will never happen, although I will allow Ted to spend romantic time with you when he desires.  I think that can work for both of us, but it may be difficult for our children.”

Susan said, “We will work out a schedule, but we also have to keep an eye on Ted all the time, as I let him stray once, and I am at fault for this predicament, but who is to say that he won’t try it again, as Ted is one horney bastard.  It does not take much to get him sexually aroused and it would be painful for me to see him in your arms, so we also need a dress code for the common areas of the house and kissing should be off limits when the three of us are all together.  Ted loves it when I kiss his lips when he comes home from work and I enjoy doing that, so I would hate having to end that.  Ted loves to see me walking around the house in flimsy outfits and when I am dressed like that, he can’t seem to take his hands off of me and I just love it.  I know that my life has to change, but I don’t want it to change for the worse.  I am willing to share my husband with you, but I don’t want this to be a hardship for either of us.”

Cheryl said, “I knew that Ted was married when I started fooling around with him and he has always been honest with me.  Thousands of men cheat on their wives behind their backs and I had no idea that I was going to fall in love with Ted.  I just found him to be so sexy that I was happy he was paying attention to me and I seriously doubt that he will be doing any more straying with the two of us taking care of his needs now.  I don’t think it will bother me all that much if I see you with him, so we differ on that account and I am OK if you want to wear sexy outfits for him and greet him with a kiss.  I am certain that I will be able to deal with that, because I know that I am the other woman and that you will always be his wife.  I don’t mind being the other woman and I can wait my turn to be with him, but I don’t want a dress code, as you are not my mother and I figure that all is fair in the common areas of the house, so if I get in the mood to make advances toward Ted, I am going to go for it and I won’t be following any stupid rules.  If you don’t enjoy watching us, then I would suggest that you go to another room.”

Susan said, “I read that it is incredibly hot watching your husband getting what he wants from another woman, but it seems like it would also be incredibly awkward.  I know that we love each other and that he has not lost interest in me and under the right circumstances this could end up being an enhancement of our sex life.  I think this would only work for me if it was a one-night stand, which is clearly not the case for us.  I have always had an exhibitionist streak in me and I guess that I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to watch Ted and I making love.  You could sit on a chair and be quiet, but I am not suggesting that you join in.”

Cheryl said, “I have never had any voyeuristic tendencies, so watching Ted and you making love is not something that I am particularly interested in, but you do have a smoking hot body and I understand why Ted wants you.  It might be nice seeing Ted being satisfied by another woman, so I guess there would be no harm in trying it, but if it makes me horney than I am jumping Ted’s bones and I will get physically involved, as soon as you two are done and maybe even while you are still on the bed.  I am sure that Ted would enjoy me watching you two together and I love listening to the way that he moans and I guess that it is possible that I could pick up a trick or two from watching both of you in bed.  I am certain that watching you would be arousing, watching your breasts spill free after he unhooks your bra, and listening to you moan while he gropes you.  I don’t want Ted to think that I am boring and I imagine it could be a pleasurable experience for all of us.  If you want to explore your exhibitionism, then I will give voyeurism a try.”

Susan said, “To tell you the truth Cheryl, the sex life that I have with Ted has been off the charts ever since he told me about you.  I’ve never experienced anything like this before in the bedroom, and he is constantly telling me how much he loves having sex with me.  I should probably thank you for what you have done to my marriage.  I have been having all of these fantasies lately and I can’t stop thinking about him being with another woman.  My best friend told me that her husband cheated on her, and this fired up a spark in her marriage that had been dead for a long time.  She found herself sexually attracted to him again and it renewed their sex life and it seems like this has done the same for me.  When Ted confessed the affair that he was having with you, I made him tell me all of the details.  I felt strange at first that him being unfaithful to me was getting me off and I started wondering if there was something wrong with me, but then I realized that there’s nothing wrong with having thoughts and also with consenting adults doing certain things, so as long as I keep having these intense orgasms, there is nothing wrong with that.  I am not going to let you being with my husband make me feel insecure about myself.”

Cheryl said, “The one thing that really attracted me to Ted was hearing him tell me how much he loved you and how he was looking forward to coming home to you when our love making was ending, as that just made me know what a decent person he was, for taking his marriage vows so seriously.  I knew that I could never take your place and I thought that you must have been the coolest wife on the planet when he told me that you knew about our affair.  Knowing that you were allowing your husband to have sex with another woman was a lot better than having him sneak around on you, and I respect you for that.  Ted told me that you figured he would get tired of me and maybe that is why your sex life improved.  We will have separate bedrooms, but it is inevitable that all three of us will end up doing things together.  I am glad we are having this conversation and I am sure that things will work out for us, but when did Ted say he was coming back for us, as I am getting hungry and I have to take a leak.  He should have picked out a better spot for us to discuss all of this, but I think that we are off to a great start.”

Susan spoke, “This went much better than I expected it would and Ted told me to phone him when we were getting along, so I will do that now.  I remember the last time that I was pregnant and I felt like I had to pee all the time, so there is no reason for you to be shy, just let it out, so you don’t strain your kidneys.  I am sure that you have gone pee in front of somebody before, but if you like, I will turn around away from you.  Ted told me all about your sexy lingerie and that made me up my game and I really enjoy wearing pretty things for him.  It is too bad that we aren’t lesbians, as that way Ted would have to wait for us, instead of us waiting for him all the time.”

Cheryl said, “Are my panties turning you on Susan?  I have never thought about being a lesbian and I wouldn’t even know how to start.  I guess that I could explore being bisexual, if you were willing to teach me how to do that.  I have had thoughts about being with a woman, but I never had the courage to act on any of that.  It is not like I don’t find it intriguing, but I never found a sexy, open-minded women before that I wanted to talk with about this.”

Susan replied, “This started out being all about keeping Ted happy, but I find it titillating seeing girls kissing other girls and watching girl on girl porn, but like you I don’t have the courage to discuss this with anybody else.  I guess the cat is out of the bag now and we could probably try kissing each other.  Ever since I saw Madonna give that wet kiss to Britney Spears, I have wondered what it would feel like to kiss another woman.  Let’s start off with a kiss and see where it goes.”

Susan and Cheryl started kissing and then Ted came back and said, “It looks like you girls got things worked out and wow this is so hot watching you two going at it.  I could go away if you need more alone time, but I think it would be best if we all just went back home now and left this skerry and finish whatever you two have going on in the bedroom.  I am one lucky man to have two such understanding women in my life.”

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #113.

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