Golden Milestone

I have been making posts on WordPress every day and I never get any of those consecutive streak notifications, although I have read many posts where other people get them.  They send out these milestone notifications to encourage bloggers to keep on blogging here on WordPress.  Right now, WordPress says that I have 1336 followers and so far, today I have published 5 posts and I have received 238 views, but this also includes older posts that I made.  Today I got 115 visitors, which have viewed my posts with an average 2.07 times per visitor and I don’t think that any of these statistics are a milestone for me.

Out of the posts that I wrote today, Thursday Inspiration #103 Just Like A Woman has been the most popular getting 24 views.  G is for Galveston got 13 views, What the Flock got 10, It Breaks My Heart received 9 and How Do Butterflies Do It got 5.  I don’t usually look at my statistics, as I write mostly for my own enjoyment and likes and comments mean a lot more to me than views do.  Oddly and I say this because it seems unexpected to me, I am doing very well in Finland today as it says that I got 80 views there today and I don’t know anyone from Finland.  I got 68 views from the United States, 34 from the United Kingdom and 14 from India.  My most popular day is Sunday which is not surprising as that is when I host Song Lyric Sunday.  So far this year, I have published 273 posts, which is not bad for this being the 97th day of 2021.

People have left a total of 3,512 of comments on my posts so far this year which works out to being 13 average comments per post.  I have gotten 4,808 total likes this year which gives me an average of 18 likes per post.  A lot of my posts are long and I have written a total of 153,912 words already this year, which makes each of my posts come to an average of being 564 words long.  My best views ever occurred on March 8, 2021 where I got 826 views that day, which seems odd because I only published 2 posts that day and neither one did all that well.  My top commenters lately have been glyn40wilton, badfinger20 (Max), Fandango, Peter’s pondering and Melanie B Cee.

I don’t have any milestones to celebrate at the moment, and although my life is busy at the moment with me running three different challenges here on WordPress, there is not a real lot happening in my life besides my writing.  I am very close to achieving my goal of finishing up all of my A to Z posts, as I just started writing my Z today and then I can relax a bit.  If I had anything noteworthy to celebrate, I would be happy to do that, as I don’t view milestones as being pointless and superficial.

The ancient Romans marked their roads with a milestone, which was a circular column on a solid rectangular base, set for more than 2 feet into the ground, standing 5 feet tall, 20 inches in diameter, and weighing more than 2 tons.  At the base was inscribed the number of the mile relative to the road it was on.  Milestones marked every mile from Rome, so that no traveler would mistake the fact that they were on a Roman road under imperial domain.  Below the Temple of Saturn in Rome, Augustus set up the golden milestone, which was regarded as the point from which all the principal roads of Rome diverged, this gave the Romans a way to record the distances that separated the capital from the principal cities of the Empire.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #180 – Milestones.

22 thoughts on “Golden Milestone

  1. I hardly ever look at the numbers, and sometimes they don’t even make sense with the counts. I’ve never got one of those streak notices or anything either. Oh well. 🙂

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  2. I haven’t had a continuous streak message in ages. I did get one for more views a few weeks back. I don’t look at my stats as they doesn’t matter to me much.

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    1. It is nice to be recognized, but I come here to write and to read what others write, so the recognition from WordPress would mean little to me, as I know that I am here every day.

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  3. Statistics are often eye-openers for me sometimes. My fave pieces have received less attention, while something unexpectedly clicks – like fiction with a mysterious twist. I don’t see fiction is not my stronghold.

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  4. I’ve gotten continuous streak milestones a few times. I don’t bother looking at my stats frequently, but I do every now and then. Like Reena, I am surprised what gained momentum and what didn’t.

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  5. I haven’t got one of those either…I haven’t missed a day since June of 2019 with my kidney stone…that is odd why we havent gotten any. The only pop up I’ve had recently is a 1000 followers but we know what that means…it equals around 20-30

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