The WordPress Motley Crew

I have always thought of WordPress as being a Community, because once I joined up on April 23, 2017, I have felt that I was welcomed here.  Out of the 3,078 posts that I have written here, I think only one of them has no likes and no comments, which makes me feel good, not the no like and no comments part, but that most of my other posts were recognized by someone.  I made friends with this guy named Sight and he helped me get figure out how things worked here and he also introduced me to Fandango.  In the beginning I enjoyed participating in the Daily Post competition which was the only game in town at the time and everyone wrote in it.  I would read all of the other submissions for the prompt word and I found other writers that I liked and along the way, several people started following me.

Eventually I discovered Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt which was hosted by Yves and then there was more writing for me to get involved with.  I also wrote some poetry, essays and rants and then I came up with this thing that I called The Letter Game, which is kind of complicated to explain, but basically it started out with a letter and you had to make a complete sentence made up of words that only contained that letter.  Something like what is shown below.
Alisha Adams answered allegations about angry adult android abdominal accomplishments.
Buddy’s bloody blisters ballooned beyond biting Betty.
Chicana Clark can cook canned chili concoctions containing chocolate candy.
Don’t dictate doing dirty dancing.
Every elephant eventually expects empty experiences.
Frozen French fries form fantastic facts.
Gay girl gangster giraffes get great g-string garments.
Heather hasn’t had his help harpooning Haitians.
Iggy Iguana inspected ice-cream inside igloos.
Jill jacked Jordan’s Johnson.
Kinky Karla kept kissing Kansas karaoke kangaroos.
Leaping lizards liked licking luscious lollipops.
Mickey Mouse must make more money marketing memorabilia.
Obese Oprah obviously omitted occurrences of obscene octopus orgasms.
I started this in June of 2017, but I was forced to end it because I got too many idiotic responses.

I found another challenge run by Sandy of Flip Flops Every day called Manic Monday which has long since disappeared, but it was a music challenge and I really enjoyed it.  The next challenge that I found was One-Liner Wednesday and I have been writing in that ever since July 25, 2017.  A flood of challenges popped up after that, Friday Fictioneers, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, twittering Tale, Thursday Photo Prompt, Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Sunday Photo Fiction, Fandango’s Storytime, Jina S. Bazzar Short Story Contest, Bikurgurl 100 Word Wednesday.  On August 27, 2017 I discovered Helen Vahdati’s Song Lyric Sunday and I have been writing in that ever since.  When Helen Vahdati got sick, I volunteered to take over this challenge and I have been the host since January 6, 2019.  I found the Marquessa Matthews Challenge and I started writing in the September Challenge which was hosted by Suzanne McClendon and I found the Sammi Cox Week End Writing prompt.  I stumbled onto Reena’s Exploration Challenge and then I found Wordle.  I discovered the Saturday Mix, the Secret Keeper Weekly Prompt, Tale Weaver, First Line Friday and the MM Music prompt which was hosted by Mandibelle16 and since Apr 19, 2019 I have taken over as the host.

I wrote in Linda Hill’s jusjojan prompts since 2018.  I discovered NEKNEERAJ’s MM Photo Prompt and then the April A to Z challenge in 2018.  I also participated in the Randomness Inked Scribbling the Unspoken Let it Bleed Weekly Prompt and around this time I started combining multiple prompts into the same post.  The Daily Post closed up shop in the end of May 2018, but all of these new exciting challenged sprung up to take its place like FOWC, Time To Write, The Three Things Challenge, Tales From the Mind of Kristian, Daily Addictions, Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt, Ragtag Community, Scotts Daily Prompt, Swimmers NCP and Word of the Day Challenge Prompt.  Bloggers and prompt challenges come and go, but I have met many people here that I consider to be my friends and it sure is one motley crew.

Written FOWC with Fandango – Crew.

38 thoughts on “The WordPress Motley Crew

  1. You must have ended your Letter Game before I started blogging. I also like the challenge of using the same letter to start every sentence or paragraph. In fact, I’ve been considering it daily for the A to Z Challenge. Might use it for “S,” since I have a very short story full of S words.

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  2. I feel the same…it’s nice to share things with people with the same interests. I won’t have to worry about what to write about now…I have decided to review every Twilight Zone…thought I would go the whole way…I’ll have 10 down… 146 to go.

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  3. You’re right – over the years there have been so many prompts that are so fun and interesting to take part in. I’ve done a lot, and some stick around and then they are gone. I do remember the ‘flip flop’ manic monday one which was around for awhile. 🙂

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