Who or Whom Done It?

“Who are you”, asked the caterpillar.  Alice responds that she knew this answer when she woke up this morning, but since she has changed so many times since then, growing bigger and getting smaller, she isn’t really sure any more.  She is all alone in a new place, and a very strange place indeed, so she is trying to be social, hoping maybe that will help her get back to her normal life that she had before, but once you tumble down that rabbit hole, there is a good chance that nothing will ever be the same for her again.  She could have said, “Bond, James Bond”, which might just have flipped that caterpillar out, but it didn’t look like anything was going to faze him after he took all of those hits on that hookah.  As Jim Morrison would say, that cat was stoned immaculate and with his ability to appear and disappear. it was hard to tell if he was coming or going.

What is getting hard to tell is where I am going with this prompt today, but that is the whole idea of Stream of Consciousness writing, you go with the flow, unplanned stepping out into the unknown and along the way if you have some fun, then the journey was worth it.  I am having fun and I just recalled going to this New Riders of the Purple Sage concert up in Providence, Rhode Island.  We all ate mushrooms at the concert and after the show we found this tiny little theatre that was dedicated to only showing Alice in Wonderland.  It was so cool, this place had colorful mushroom decorations everywhere and it created the perfect atmosphere for watching this movie.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week we are asked to start our post off with either the word “Who”, or “Whom”.

14 thoughts on “Who or Whom Done It?

  1. Well done. Reality is so interesting, I never thought about using drugs. Many find them fun. Perhaps, like many cultures, the altered state makes everything else clearer? I’ll never know. lol

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  2. Yes, our SoCS post titles were very similar. But that’s where the similarities ended. Yours ended up eating mushrooms at a concert and then watching Alice in Wonderland. Mine ended with a violent, senseless murder. What does that tell us about our streams of consciousness? 😀

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