Snoopy and Woodstock

We live in the town of Woodstock, Georgia and we have a mutt or mixed breed that we named Snoopy, so last year when we got this baby chick for our little girl for Easter, it only seemed natural that we should name it Woodstock.  Snoopy realized that the tiny little bird missed its mother, so Snoopy decided to take care of the chick and raise it and he has become very close to it.  Our daughter Sara likes to place Woodstock on top of Snoopy’s head, and they look cute like that and nothing really ever bothers the dog all that much.  Although when Woodstock dumped a poop on top of Snoopy’s head, he shook the bird off to try and teach it the proper way to behave and show it that it should try to be more respectful of the one that was burdened with the responsibility of its care.

Snoopy taught the bird how to fly, but it seems to like hopping around and it might be just too lazy for flying.  They are best of friends and they always seem to understand each other.  When the cat next door was hanging around Woodstock’s nest, Snoopy chased it away.  One day Woodstock laid an egg and not knowing any better, it wondered what this strange thig was in its nest and Snoopy had to explain the facts of life to the bird.

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity, and Connecting!, Simply 6 Minutes hosted by Christine Bialczak.

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