The Trees Have Her

It was supposed to be a leisurely camping trip, but it turned into a horror story.  We were on Spring Break and we decided to go camping.  This decision came at the last minute, as we initially planned to go to Miami Beach for fun in the sun.  Stories were all over the news about how Miami had become a super spreader for Covid prompting the police to declare a curfew, but the crowds were acting up, so the cops started pepper spraying everyone, which didn’t sound like much fun.  Jenny’s parents owned some land in the New England forest where they built a cabin, so we wouldn’t need tents and there would be bathrooms, which all the girls liked.

When we got there, we were surrounded by the natural grandeur of a tranquil world, the silence of nature, a place where peace would soothe our souls and it just had this amazing effect on us.  It was a blessed silence which was unlike the silence that we could experience anywhere else, as this was human silence, with plants and animals living together in harmony.  We heard the stir of dry leaves as the wind blew, as this vast forest seemed virtually untouched by man.  We were there to party and we brought our tunes with us so we started cranking up our music.  That got our hearts racing and our blood pumping through our veins.  We felt the rhythm and we all started dancing and Jenny stripped all of her clothes off saying that she wanted to be more in tune with nature.  It didn’t take long before all the rest of the sorority girls had stripped down as well.

Three girls, Debbie, Jade and Susan wanted to go exploring, so they got dressed and went out into the darkness making sure that they stuck together so they would be able to find their way back to the cabin, but something haunting seemed to lure them deeper into the woods.  Debbie had the unmistakable feeling that spirits were roaming around this neck of the woods and she said that her stomach was starting to curdle.  Every single hair on her arms stood up and she admitted to being scared to her very core.  Jade grabbed her hand, but it felt like ice and now she was also frightened, and tears flowed down her face.  Susan said that the exploring trip was over and that they should return back to the cabin now before survival seemed hopeless.

Susan managed to calm the girls down a bit, at least until the trees reached out and grabbed Debbie and they spoke saying, “We have her now!”  This caused Jade and Susan to run all the way back to the cabin.  When the girls asked what happened to Debbie, they didn’t know what to say, but eventually when Susan was able to catch her breath, she said, “The trees have her.”  Christine said, “what have you been smoking and now really tell us where Debbie is.”  Susan spoke again saying, “You will have to follow me, because what I am going to tell you is going to sound unbelievable.  These tree branches with hands reached out and grabbed her and Jade and I couldn’t comprehend what was going on, so we ran all the way back here.”

Jenny spoke saying, “There is a bridge between the known and unknown worlds and it is very possible that the fatal effects of climate change has bound these trees together to fight against mankind.  Trees must make do with only the resources that they have at hand for their entire lives, thus they must attract or find within their reach all that they require to sustain their existence.  This means that they must be able to re-ingest any waste that they produce, because that waste has become an inescapable part of their environment.”  Susan said, “Jenny please stop trying to impress us with your knowledge of Biology and grab that gun which you told us that your dad has stashed here and open up the shed so we can get the chainsaw, the axe and the hatchet, as we have to rescue Debbie from the clutches of those trees, before it is too late.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Nekneeraj’s Photo Challenge #359 that uses a picture by Brooke Shaden.

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    1. Thanks Dave. I had thought about making this story longer and the girls grabbing hairspray and lighters to torture the trees with fire to make then release their friend, but I think that I stopped at a good point. At least I put in the gratuitous sex scene with the naked dancing girls in case someone decides to make a horror film out of this story.


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