Myriad of Alerts

Last year I shut off my automatic renewal option on my WordPress account, because they took funds out of my account about 3 weeks before my WordPress Premium Plan was going to expire, and I mean, what was their big hurry all about.  My plan is set to expire in 29 days, but I won’t let that happen, because I love being a part of the WordPress community.  It seems like they are in a hurry again, as I got my third email today alerting me to the fact that my account was going to expire.  I guess everyone needs money these days, but besides sending me email, they have fixed these alerts to my Comments page and my Posts page with the following banner placed at the top of both of these pages.  “Your Premium plan expires on April 22, 2021.  Renew now to continue enjoying features such as increased storage space, access to expert support, and automatic removal of ads.”

I am disturbed by their behavior, so I decided to send an email back to them which is shown below.

I would love to renew my subscription today, just to get you to stop from being such pests about this.
I have no idea what makes you behave like this.
I do have a concern about the Classic Editor which I use to create my posts, as I log in as the administrator of my account.
I keep hearing rumors that you will be shutting down the Classic Editor and forcing everyone to use the dreaded new Block Editor.
Please get back to me, so I can decide on whether or not I will be renewing my subscription, which is still a month away from running out.

Jim Adams

They wrote back to me already, but it may have been an automated response and they thanked me for my patience and said that they would be in touch with me soon!  I will be patient, but I wish that they would also try doing that.

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14 thoughts on “Myriad of Alerts

    1. They sent me this message back:
      The messages you are receiving are just automated messages sent to remind you of upcoming expiration dates or issues with non-payment. Because you can lose content or data if the plan expires, it’s important we make you aware of this change.

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  1. I renewed my Personal Plan for a year in January, but if the eliminate the classic editor on the admin site an on the WordPress iOS app, I’m going to ask for my money back.

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    1. Here is there response on my email:
      The Classic editor will continue to be available for you to use. At some point, development of the Classic Editor in terms of updates will cease in favor of continuing to improve and update the Block editor, but that is years away from now.

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  2. You shared the exact reason I stopped being a paying customer. I got slammed for two months with ‘reminders’, there was a banner thing on my home page AND my post page, and I got so angry I didn’t renew at all. I told them why too, that I was going ‘free’ and they were fully responsible. I’m not sure why automated alerts should be set so far ahead, save for it is blatant greed. This whole topic sounds like a great “Monday Peeve” post. You ought to consider writing one!

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