Josie and Todd

Josie was tired, it had been a long day as she had already serviced 17 customers, but Todd required her to be out on the street for 4 more hours.  A man propositioned her saying, “How much baby?” and Josie fired back at him, “Are you soliciting me, and if you are, I need you to tell me that you are not a cop?”  The guy replied, “What if I am, as there is nothing written that says law enforcement officers must answer truthfully and that is because Police couldn’t do their jobs if they were restricted to telling the truth all of the time, as telling the truth might put the officer’s life in jeopardy.”  Josie said, “Well you sure do know a lot about cops and I guess that you know a thing or two about hookers also, as you look like a very worldly man.  If you want to know how much you will have to pay, then go down to the corner and ask for Todd, as he handles all of my negotiations.  He will decide if you are legitimate, take your money and give you a code to bring back to me.  I am a lot like this sign here, ‘Packard ask the man who owns one’ and I am sure you know how this works.”

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #72.

10 thoughts on “Josie and Todd

  1. I am honored Jim that you found my story inspiring! I’m sure poor Josie did have a lot of pressure put on her to perform again and again. And I’ve heard that pimps can be brutal. I never met any hookers in real life, but I’ve read up on the profession and at one point (a very low one in my life) I considered doing that seriously. I had a friend who wanted to be a hooker in Las Vegas, but a timely car accident scotched the idea permanently. She often said to me that she thought God intervened. She had been determined to do it before her accident.

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