Cold Today

It is cold today, but being a polar bear, that is how I like it, as my protective outer fur coat paired with an undercoat and dense layer of fat helps me to stay warm.  I know that my fur looks like it is white, but it’s actually transparent and I am not going to show you mine unless you show me yours first.  My fur contains hollow hair shafts that act much like a straw.  These tubes reflect light scattering it much like ice does, so that when I’m in the sun all that light bounces off of me, making me appear white or yellow.  Beneath my thick coats, I have black skin that better absorbs the sun’s warmth.  I spend most of my time hunting for food.  Half of my time is spent looking for things to eat, and I may have to go for miles and miles to find anything to eat.  Most of my hunting trips are unsuccessful, but my hunger drives me to be persistent and eventually that pays off.

Due to climate change or global warming, or whatever you want to call it, things are growing quicker up here in the arctic on the frozen tundra.  The Inuit growing vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers and also strawberries in their territory and they are finding reindeer fatter thanks to more availability for them to graze on.  The summer days seem much warmer, and that makes them appear to be longer, which is not all that great for me, but it is better for growing things and I just love to eat strawberries when I can find them.

I am not sure what is in those strawberries, but I found some yesterday and after I ate them, I saw the most spectacular Northern Lights show ever.  Every color under the rainbow was on display shifting around, creating into new pattern, which left me in awe and I have been looking at these events for my whole life.  The most incredible design was produced that looked like two ballroom dancers were doing the Fandango.  I was so happy that I started dancing, till I saw a baby seal and then I went after it.

Written for Paula’s Tuesday Story 14 challenge.

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