Put Some Butter on It

When you are on a roll, don’t forget the butter.  Butter is a lot like bacon and cheese, as it makes everything taste better.  How much butter does a man need to eat, before he becomes as fat as a cow, well the answer to that is living in Milwaukee, yep, I will tell you about my life there.  Butter, bacon and cheese all taste great and then when you drink some beer something is bound to appear around your midsection, yea a beer belly.  That is what you have in Milwaukee, a bunch of people with great big bellies and it takes one to know one.  You can look out on any corner and three out of every four people will have gigantic guts.  When I want to feel skinny, I go to Milwaukee, home of the cheese, sausage, beer and of course butter, let’s make that extra butter.

How many beers does a man have to drink before he falls down on the floor and how much cheese must a man eat before he gets high cholesterol, well Bob Dylan may know this, because he was from Minnesota, which is not all that far from Milwaukee.  I used to drink and I have been known to drink so much that I fell down on the floor.  Wisconsin is the Dairy State and they are proud of their cows, which give them milk from which they make cheese and butter.  They also have an awful lot of breweries in Milwaukee, hence the name of their baseball team the Milwaukee Brewers.

Wisconsin is a land of ice and snow which creates frozen tundra and the winds blow down from Canada and come in from Lake Michigan and they make it cold.  Winter usually starts early in Wisconsin and it can get very cold even in August, but how many corn fritters deep fried in butter does a man have to eat to put on a layer of fat to protect him from the cold.  How many words does a man have to write to satisfy a stream of consciousness?  I think this is a good point to end my post as I am craving some popcorn now, and yes that will be with extra butter.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week’s prompt is “butter”.

14 thoughts on “Put Some Butter on It

  1. I come from Toronto originally and statistically Milwaukee is the American city with a climate closest to that of Toronto. But I think our dietary habits differ…though both cities appreciate some good beer!
    Curiously I set most of my novel ‘Grace, Fully Living’ in Milwaukee… seemed like a sort of non-descript big city to have the heroine in and I needed one that had a real winter for some story points.

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    1. I Googled your novel and it says Dave Ruch wrote it and that it is similar to the romcom of Bridget Jones Diary and You’ve Got Mail. I think I can download it from Scribd and it looks pretty cool.

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      1. thank you! It’s not extraordinary but I’m proud of it – I actually set out to merely try to make a fun rom/com kind of novel, that won’t change the world… before that I’d started writing a few novels that all had lofty ideas about making a huge STATEMENT about the world and life…and got bogged down by it and eventually gave up. Let me know if you can download…if not I’ll find a way to get you a copy.

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