Do Inmates Make License Plates

The pope may or may not be Italian, but he is certainly Catholic, which probably has nothing to do with the price of soybeans in the Stock Market.  The answer is yes, as prisoners make millions of license plates each year among other things.  One year when my dad got his new license plates in the mail, there was a piece of paper included between his front and rear plates.  It contained a cartoon picture of a convict holding the bars in his cell with a voice caption that said, “Help get me out of here.”

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “Do Inmates Make License Plates

  1. This reminds me…I used to collect car licence plate numbers in a notebook as a kid. It was quite the thing to do at one time and seems to me now quite pointless and innocent: the perfect hobby! 🙂

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