What Happened To Rosemary’s Baby

After the Satanic cult killed Rosemary, they end up possessing baby Adrian and he tries to fight his evil nature because he wants to escape his destiny of being Satan’s spawn.  When the devil child reaches puberty, he starts having reoccurring nightmares about his mother and the violent death she suffered and the only thing that is able to calm him down are chocolate covered peanut butter cups, which he takes with him everywhere he goes.  The coven feels like there is something wrong with him when they see he is calm, as they think of this as blasphemy against Satan and they want him to follow the demonic urges he is getting from his father.

They assign him a nurse who tries to seduce him into doing all types of wicked acts, but he keeps on resisting evil.  He meets a nice girl named Jenny after he found her number written on a bathroom wall and things are going good for him.  Jenny plays the drums so Adrian learns guitar in an attempt to escape the clutches of the evil sect.  He is becoming his own man, but the cult is always waiting in the shadows, hoping that he will show signs of turning into an evil bastard.  After a late gig, he is helping Jenny carry her drums back home in the fog and these men wearing black hooded robes sneak up behind them and push Jenny off the bridge.

Adrian recognizes them as the evil fuckers that tortured and killed his mom, so he attacks them and kills all of them turning them into dust with laser beams shooting out of his eyes, leaving no evidence of their existence.  He raises Jenny up out of the water and she is completely dry and totally confused and she asks what happened.  He tells Jenny that she may have gotten roofied after the show and he walks her back to their place.  Adrian tells her that he has some business to take care of and he will be back in an hour and that she should get some rest.  He goes to the coven and attacks everyone that is there killing them while they are chanting to his father.  He tells his dad that unless he stops sending people after him that he will have no followers left, as he will kill all of the people that he thinks are evil.  He tells the Devil that he will never be like him, as there is too much of him mom in him.  He returns to Jenny and hears her playing her drums and she is singing, “All the leaves are brown”.

Written for Paula’s Tuesday Story 13 challenge.

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