Liberal Universities

Coed dorms are becoming more norm at most colleges.  This happens mostly in liberal universities that are not religious (Bible Colleges) that would have these types of housing options.  The common situation would be where two women share one dorm room and next to it would be a room with two men, or the first floor would be where all the men are living and the second floor is reserved for women.  It is much rarer to have a situation with a woman and a man being in the same dorm room, but some universities allow male and female friends to room together upon request and there are a few universities in the country that are starting to challenge the preexisting norms that men and women should be seen as two separate entities.  Campus housing may be set up where you can live with a close friend of the opposite gender whom you trust and feel secure having them around and some women prefer living close to their male friends, because they feel a certain amount of comfort in this, knowing that their male friends will deter any potential intruders.

The experience of living with the opposite gender on campus may be shocking, awkward, funny, or even liberating depending on your level of modesty, as these dormitories most likely contain gender-neutral bathrooms and if you forget your towel, you may have to make a mad dash running quickly with everybody watching.  Male and females can be friends and they can share lots of things, even if they are not married.  The college accidentally messed up Bill’s room arrangements, so they offered him a better apartment with the stipulation that he had to live with two girls, and it seems to be working out just fine.  They are all getting along, and you never know what will happen when you get hooked up with a random roommate.

Jill likes to whisper into Bill’s ear, even when Nancy is not in the room.  She is full of juicy gossip, knowing all the details of who is banging who, who got caught cheating, who just got pregnant, making sure he did not miss any good stuff and that he was all caught up on the things that should be kept private.  Jill was telling Bill about Sharon, that she met a man online and they were madly in love.  She sold all of her books and maxed out her student loans, started borrowing money from other students to send it to him, so he could come here to marry her.  The guy told her that he was a Prince from Nigeria and that all of his funds were tied up for two more years, but he couldn’t stand living without her.  Bill could not believe that anyone was still falling for that old Nigerian scam and he said, “Teach a man to fish and he will be able to feed himself, but when a man learns to Phish he will often become a Nigerian Prince”, and they both had a good laugh.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #108.

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