What Was I Thinking

My new trimmer came yesterday.  I saw it on TV and I ordered one probably about a month ago.  I used to get my hair cut every six weeks, because I don’t like looking scraggly, but with the Covid around, I only had one haircut last year and that was in August.  I don’t go any place, so I figure that I can get away with not having my hair look that good.  I am not very happy with my new trimmer and I may not be using it again, except I do like the way I can use it on the hair that grows on my earlobes, because it works much better than a scissor or trying to use my nose hair trimmer there.

I did a decent job and my cousin helped me trim the back of my neck, which was very thoughtful of her.  I took the guard off so I could trim my sideburns, which had grown very long and then I put the trimmer down to see how it came out.  My cousin picked up the trimmer, not realizing that I removed the guard and she cut a patch of my hair that went all the way down to my scalp, so now it looks like I have a hole in my head in that spot that she cut.  She apologized, but the damage was done and it is not all that noticeable, but unless I want to cut all of my hair down to the scalp, I will just have to wait for it to grow back.  Several strands of long hair are covering up the bald patch, so it is not the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  However, I am going to declare a moratorium on doing any more self-hair styling for now.

Written for FOWC with Fandango –Moratorium.

20 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking

  1. Ha!! I did that with Hubby when he first got his trimmer, and accidentally gave him a reverse mohican. He was not impressed, wore a cap for four weeks, and I didn’t touch the trimmer for about 6 years. Now he’s got very little hair anyway and uses no guards at all.

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      1. I’ve done it before (when the glue for the saddlery fell on my head), but we’re heading into the colder weather now, and that might tempt me to keep the tresses longer.

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  2. After about a year of pandemic non-hair-cutting, my husband bought a trimmer. We collaborated on the haircut. (The part I did looked much better than the part he did) It actually didn’t look too bad! I went to a salon though because I did not trust him with my hair!

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  3. I somehow missed this when you wrote it (probably just one of THOSE days) but my sympathies! I haven’t been very stringent in making sure my hair is cut either, and that’s bad because I look (in my opinion) like a %$#@ dandelion when my hair gets even a bit long. It is very very fine and flies around and I look like I’ve stuck my wet finger in a light socket and electrocuted myself. I still have tried to go get it at least trimmed every six months (which was a chore last year during Covid because everything up here shut down). So on Saturday I went into the shop, and it’s one of those that has your preferences programmed into the computer, so all they do is pull up the information and do the cut. I like my hair really short in the summer, but the rest of the year it’s too cold to have it quite as short as in summer, so I asked them to leave it longer this time. The stylist didn’t cut it almost at all, and I look as bad as when I went in (in my opinion anyway). PLUS she left the sides uneven and my bangs hanging in my eyes. So I got out my trusty scissors and snipped it even and cut the bangs back myself. I don’t think you can win either way…having a professional do the cutting or doing it yourself…

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    1. My best friend’s mom was a stylist when I was young and she had a salon in her house. One day I sat in the chair and tried trimming my sideburns, but my hand slipped and I chopped the right sideburn all the way off. Long sideburns were very popular at this time and I got some scotch tape and stuck it back on, but everybody laughed at me so I had to cut the other one off so I could be symmetrical again.


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