Sticky Wicket Cricket

  1. What is a tie dye
    Tie dye is something that was started during the Corona crisis, by people who were at their wits end and they began folding and twisting their nickers.

2. What is a raglan sleeve
This is worn by astronauts inside their spacesuits.

3. What is seersucker
This is another name for a Dad joke.

4. What is meant by a dropped waist
This is what happens before you flush.

5. What is a yoke collar
This is an egg in the hole where you cut a hole in the center of a piece of bread and butter it up and then drop an egg into a hot pan.

6. What is meant by pigeon toed
This is a condition that develops from doing the Wang Chung too often.

7. How many pleats are in a kilt
This depends on how fat your bottom is.

8. What is bias binding
This is similar to the interlocking hand grip that is used on a golf club.

9. What is Velcro
This is an improvement on the original Sticky Wicket.

10. What is twill webbing
This is when a baby duck imprints itself on you, because it thinks that you are its mama.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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