These Shoes Want to Dance

Eric noticed the girl with the red hair and he thought that she would be perfect for the ballet production that he was putting on, the Red Red Shoe.  His last dancer had fallen ill and died from Covid-19 and his show was only two weeks out.  He was not sure if this girl could dance or not, but she did look graceful and he knew that the shoes would take care of the rest.  His last dancer was a clumsy oaf and the shoes did the trick for her.  Once she put them on, she danced all around and in fact, she was unable to stop dancing as long as she was wearing these shoes.  She danced into the night, until her feet bled and Eric was forced to remove them from her.

Eric knew that the red headed girl would be enamored with these red shoes, as they are fit for a princess.  Eric figured that he could get some Arm & Hammer spray to disinfect the shoes before he had the red head try them on, but he hoped that they would not take complete control over her like they did to her predecessor.  Maybe he could take the shoes to a witchdoctor, or pray to God for help, but all he knew was that his backers would want their money back so the show must go on.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #316 hosted by Michael – the Red Hair Girl photo prompt.

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