The Nerve of It All

How dare they, those politicians are outrageous and Texas is completely broken.  I feel bad for all the folks that are freezing, without electricity, had their pipes burst and are without water.  Worse yet, when their Senator saw how bad things were, he hightailed it down to Mexico and left everyone to fix the problems.  Everyone is pointing their finger at somebody else and no one is willing to take responsibility for this disaster.  Israel came out with a study about the Covid vaccine being effective after only one dose, which we already knew and now people want to eliminate the second shot in favor of vaccinating more people.  Things seem to be running much better under Biden, but I still have not spoken to my Republican sister yet about politics, since she blew up on me on New Year’s Eve, when I asked her if she still believed that Trump won the election, and I wonder how many years will have to go by where I still have to avoid this conversation.

I know the weather has been really bad for a lot of the country, but I have had my own problems with a hacker.  It is always something, isn’t it?  Life will not get back to normal for a while yet.  The Republicans had their chance to break away from being the party of Trump, but only a few of them had the courage to speak out against him, and many others are still sucking up to him.  I am starting to develop this “Why should I care” attitude, because I am losing hope that our country will ever be united again.  I know it is important to care about certain things, like who is telling the truth and who is lying, but I don’t have to care about everything.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week’s prompt is “nerve”.

16 thoughts on “The Nerve of It All

  1. The situation in Texas is deplorable. Have you gotten the vaccine yet, Jim? I had the first and wait until my time for the second. Lots of divisiveness fueling the political machine at present.

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    1. I was lucky as the Fire Department received a bunch of vaccines and they gave them out in my neighborhood, so I got an appointment and I had no wait at all. They said that they would call me to make another appointment for my second dose.

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  2. You’re right that we can’t care about everything. We have to choose our “battles.” And sometimes we need to escape for a while to recharge our batteries. As far as becoming more united, it might help if we could find our common ground.

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  3. There is a lot of pressure being put on the government to open up more hospitality and retail outlets sooner rather than later. You can’t rush these things and we don’t want yet more lockdowns. I’d prefer to wait until COVID cases keep falling. The plan is for the whole of Britain to be vaccinated by the end of May.

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  4. I felt so bad for people without electricity. We lost ours for a little while and many people in Tennessee lost theirs for days…we were lucky.

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